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Register for courses

You have to register for every course you are taking at the University of Gothenburg in the study documentation system, Ladok for students. Use your student account to log in.

Log in to Ladok for students to register

It is only when you are registered that you become a student at the University of Gothenburg and can participate in classroom activities. Registration is also needed to to renew your GU card, to attend Canvas activities and to take exams.

Register via Ladok for students

You can register for both single subject courses and programme courses, via the Ladok for students services in the Student Portal.

Please note that not all courses are open for registration through the Ladok for students services. If you cannot find your course in the Ladok for students services, please contact the department giving the course in order to know when and how to register.

In order to register online you need a student account. 

Student Account

How to register:

  1. Log in to the Ladok for students services using your student account.
  2. Under Upcoming you will see the courses you may be able to register for.
  3. Click the button Register for the course you want to register for. If the registration intervals have not started yet, you can only see the course, but not register.
  4. Review and approve the registration by clicking Register me.

Can not register? It may be because:

  • The registration period has ended (or not yet started)
  • You are admitted with conditions
  • The course does not use registration through Ladok for students services

Please contact the department responsible for the course for more information.

What courses am I registered on?

You can see the courses you are, or have been, registered on via Ladok for students. You can find this information by clicking on Certificates. There you will also find admissions and results.

Ladok services

Terminate a course

If you want to terminate a course you have already started you can do this yourself via Ladok for students:

  1. To terminate a course, click on the course and then on Participation on the course.
  2. Choose I want to terminate and then click the button Terminate the course.
  3. A control window will pop up and you need to click on Yes, I am terminating the course to confirm.

If the option to terminate is not available you will have to contact the department that you are studying at.

Ladok for students services

Terminating a course is possible from the first day of study until three weeks into the course. If you terminate within this period you are eligible to apply for the course at a different time. If you want to terminate a course later during your studies, please contact the department that offers the course.

Questions about registration

If you are unsure about how to register you need to contact the department offering the course/programme. Hard to find the right person? Servicecenter can guide you.

Departments at the University


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