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K103 Gothenburg Student radio is host for World College Radio Day 2017

News: Oct 04, 2017

Kvinna står framför mikrofonFriday October 6th World College Radio Day will be arranged for the seventh time. Student radio station K103 in Gothenburg will act as host for the global annual event and the theme of this year is “The end of the world as we know it”. 

- 28 other student radio stations from different countries have joined us for this year’s celebrations. We have also attracted several internationally known Swedish ambassadors for this year’s broadcast, Alice Bah Kunke,  Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy, Hans Blix, diplomat and Jens Lekman, musician, says Eva Gustavfsson, station manager at K103 Gothenburg Student Radio.

World College Radio Day, WCRD, is a marathon broadcast lasting 24 hours where student radio stations from all over the world participate and broadcast an hour each.

- K103 is host for this year, which means we will open and close this year’s broadcast at midnight to 1 o’clock in the morning, on Friday the 6th and later at 11 pm to midnight that same night, says Eva Gustavfsson.

The first marathon broadcast was in 2011, she continues. Back then it was simply College Radio Day and only in the U.S where college radio is an important and major part of national media, not to mention an important part of life on campus.

World College Radio Day was founded the following year as it garnered international interest for the event. Throughout the years they’ve had a number of famous ambassadors, among others President Barack Obama while he was still in office. Artists such as Chris Martin from Coldplay have also supported the broadcast.

Now the student radio station of Gothenburg, K103, will be host of World College Radio Day.

- The theme for this year’s broadcast is “The end of the world as we know it” and K103 has a number of ambassadors for the broadcast where our official ambassador is diplomat Hans Blix. From a global disarmament perspective his participation is very appreciated, especially considering current events, says Karin Björklund who is producer of the broadcast. She continues:

- Our special music ambassador is Jens Lekman, a musician with a large fan base both here in Sweden and overseas.

The station, which broadcasts at the frequency 103,1 on regular FM radio and under the name K103, has about 100 members and 30 different programs and together they broadcast 50 hours of radio per week.

Listen to the World Collage Radio Day

  • Participating and supporting radio stations: 118 stations from 28 different countries.

For more information please contact

  • Karin Björklund, producer +46730524440
  • Eva Gustavfsson, station manager +46703730079



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