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Degree Project Catalogue

Here you will find suggestions on Degree Projects for Bachelor's and Master's levels in Marine Biology, Marine Chemistry, Marine Geology, Oceanography, and Interdisciplinary projects.

Degree projects at the Department of Marine Sciences are done independently and must be written and assessed individually.

  • Each project is presented on a web page.
  • The suggestions are presented in either English or Swedish.
  • Each project has a contact person, whom you can contact for more information about the project.
  • The Department's contact person for the Degree Project Catalogue is Pierre de Wit. Email: Pierre de Wit

Overview of projects

For an overview of the projects with short descriptions, please visit each subject's web page:

Marine Biology
Marine Chemistry
Marine Geology
Interdisciplinary projects

Quick links to each project below

Marine Biology

Algal blooms dynamics in the Baltic Sea, the Kattegat and the Skagerrak

Analyse the morphological diversity of a species of marine snail

Changes in genomic signatures of anthropogenic stress on revived diatoms from natural archives

Characterization of a Swedish new green algal species - Ulva, Chlorophyta

Characterization of the varying morphologies of the Swedish Sea Lettuces

Coastal bivalves - Conservation status and Pacific oyster invasion

Development of an innovative method for forecasting cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms (cyanoHABs) in a changing environment

Evolution and adaptation of sperm in marine organisms

Evolution of intrinsic barriers between two ecotypes of a marine snail (Littorina fabalis)

Explore trends in biodiversity with citizen Science and artificial intelligence

Genetic assessments of biodiversity in the Koster National Park

Genetic patterns of facultative sex in Skeletonema marinoi

Greenhouse gas emissions from coastal marine sinks

Plant response to organic nitrogen uptake in Zostera marina

Signals in the Sea – Chemical signals between marine organisms

Signals in the Sea - Holographic microscopy and deep learning reveals microscopic life histories

Svartmunnad smörbult - Interaktion med lax

Svartmunnad smörbult - Simhastighet

Svartmunnad smörbult - Vandringsförmåga

The consequences of changes in biodiversity – marine macroalgal communities

The smell of seaweed - or how small herbivores use chemical cues to sense their food

Towards a greener future: sustainable off-shore aquaculture of Swedish Sea Lettuce

Toxicity assessment of plastic materials

Using next-generation sequencing for conservation of eelgrass

Who is taking over coral reefs?

Marine Chemistry

Blue Carbon sequestration in the coastal ocean

Characterization of contaminants of emerging concern in coastal waters

Let’s take a closer look at greenhouse gas emissions from aquatic environments

Ozone depleting compounds in a changing Arctic

Sensor Development for Determination of Organic Compounds at Concentration Levels Below µM

Submarine groundwater discharge – a source of carbon, nutrients, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals to the ocean?

Marine Geology

Marin miljögeologi

Marin mikropaleontologi

Pollutant effect on propagation of foraminiferal resting stages and microbial diet


Biophysical interactions in low oxygen regions: coupling physics to ecosystems with high-resolution autonomous systems

Hydrography and Mixed-layer properties in the Weddell Sea

Investigating the role of small scale ocean energetics on the stability of the vertical water column using high-resolution glider data

Ocean circulation and its variability in the Southern Indian Ocean from instrumented seal

Pathways of the dense water flowing toward the Faroe Bank Channel

Using a rotating table to reproduce coastal Kelvin waves

Interdisciplinary projects

Biogeokemisk struktur och funktion hos kustnära marina ekosystem

Changes in phlorotannin composition in fucoids on induction by herbivores

Coastal methane emission from new carbon sources

Läckage från båtbottenfärger 

Signals in the Sea – Chemical signals between marine organisms

Signals in the Sea - Holographic microscopy and deep learning reveals microscopic life histories

Socio-ecological research in Kosterhavets National Park

Tracing alien foraminiferal species Nonionella sp. T1 across the Skagerrak

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