Wifi - eduroam

Eduroam is the university's wireless network. You connect to the network using the student account: your username followed by the suffix and your password.

How to connect to eduroam

Log in using: 

  • Your username followed by the suffix 
    (NOTE! Do not use
  • The password for your account

There is also an unencrypted network, GoteborgsUniversitet, which is for guests at the university. You should not use this as you cannot access the student services with the network.

Trouble connecting to eduroam?

Make sure that you entered the suffix, not, after your username.

If it still does not work, it may be caused by your device saving incorrect data that is used automatically. In these cases, your device needs to forget the network before connecting again. Instructions for how to proceed on different types of devices is found below.

If you cannot find eduroam in the list of available networks, or do not have a valid certificate, you may need to install the certificate on your device according to instructions below.

More about eduroam

Eduroam is available in the University's public areas, lecture halls, group rooms and in the university libraries. You can also use eduroam in other places where it is available, such as other universities and in several train stations and airports.

Keep in mind that eduroam must not be used for unauthorized activities such as illegal downloading of files.

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