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TeamWork is a summer program that provides you with international experience in a flexible way. As a participant, you work on a project in a team with other international students. The work is part-time and online.

Participating in EUTOPIA TeamWork

As part of a TeamWork team, you will collaborate with up to 5 other students from across the EUTOPIA alliance.

You’ll be working together on a project or challenge for a company or organisation. Projects are part-time and virtual, which means you can still hold a summer job and participate in TeamWork. It also means you get international and intercultural experience, as well as virtual skills to enhance your employability – all without having to travel abroad.

Projects will be from June 24 – July 19, 2024.

TeamWork is open to students from all academic levels (UG, MA, PhD) and all study disciplines. We aim to offer projects that benefit from multiple perspectives, so no matter what you study, your contributions will be valuable. Prior knowledge or experience is not necessary.

Projects are offered by organisations from around the world and from a wide range of sectors, so they will be broad and varied.

How can TeamWork benefit me as a student?

  1. It improves your employability skills;
  2. provides valuable international experience;
  3. enhances your CV and expands your professional network;
  4. improves your self-confidence and intercultural understanding;
  5. and it develops your transferable skills such as communications, team working and problem solving - all in high demand by employers around the world.

How can I join TeamWork?

To apply, fill in and submit the form in the link below. Deadline is 19 March 2024

To the application:

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More About TeamWork

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