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Exchange studies in the United Kingdom

Britain has some of the world's oldest universities and attract students from all over the world. Here, all courses are taught in English, so there is plenty to choose from.

After Brexit - what applies now?

Since the UK has left the EU, you will not be able to receive an Erasmus grant when you go on an exchange there. However, by going to the UK under an exchange agreement, you can avoid paying tuition fees at the host university.

You can also apply for other scholarships to facilitate your exchange studies.

GU-wide exchange spots

The University of Gothenburg has a joint interdisciplinary agreement with University of Warwick through the EUTOPIA network. Most of the university's students can apply for an exchange place there, but the possibility to go on GU-wide agreements differs between the different faculties. You need to check with your faculty, and that University of Warwick offers courses in your study field.


For questions about GU-wide exchange spots, please contact International Centre.

Exchange spots at your faculty and department

Below you will find information about which exchange spots your department or faculty has in the UK. If you do not find any information, it means that there are no agreements in your subject area.


For questions about exchange spots within your study field, please contact the international coordinator at your faculty or department.