Degree project

Before you can apply for your degree certificate, you must complete an independent work, a degree project. This is usually carried out at the end of your education at first- and second cycle level. Your education will provide details about your degree project.

What is a degree project?

A degree project is an independent work that you carry out under the supervision of a teacher/researcher. You conduct your project either within the program you are studying or as a freestanding course, leading to a Bachelor's, professional, or Master's degree. A programme leading to a degree always contains one course that is a degree project. The degree project is sometimes referred to as an exjobb.

What the independent work entails depends on your education. Often the work consists of a written thesis with an oral presentation and opposition. For educations in the fine, applied and performing arts, the presentation often consists of exhibitions, readings, presentations and screenings.

Your education will provide information about the degree project

You will receive additional information and instructions from your education. Scroll down for information from your faculty or department.

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