Internships during your studies offer valuable workplace experience and professional networking. Some programmes offers an optional internship course, but you may also be able to take a free standing internship course.

Who can do internships?

If you're enrolled in a programme, you will receive information from your department about the internship opportunities available to you. Some programmes include on-site training (VFU).

If you are building your own degree through free standing courses, there may be an option to include an internship course in your degree. Consult a study counsellor to explore your internship possibilities as free standing course.

Considerations before starting an internship

  • Internship courses are structured differently at different departments, read their information on this page. If you are unsure which department oversees your education, you can find that information on 'My page'.
  • Usually you will need to find an internship placement on your own. The work at your internship site should align with your subject area and provide you with meaningful tasks.
  • Typically, your internship must be approved by your department.
  • In addition to completing your internship, there is often an additional evaluation component, such as an internship report, a practical exam, or a presentation.
  • You may have the option to choose an international location for your internship