Student account

All students at the University of Gothenburg have a student account. You use the username (in the format gus******) and password of the student account to log in to various study systems and to access various digital tools, databases, and licensed programs available to students at the University of Gothenburg.

As a new student, you need to activate your student account. You can find information on how to activate it and other useful information on the Student account page.

Chalmers ID (CID)

We have a close collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology. If you have courses where the teaching takes place on the Chalmers campus, you may also need a Chalmers ID (CID). Your education will inform you if this is necessary.

Wi-Fi - Eduroam

All students have access to Wi-Fi in all our campuses and buildings via Eduroam, the University's wireless network. You connect to the network using your student account; enter your username followed by the extension (e.g., gus****** and your password. More information on how to connect to Eduroam.

Ladok - manage your studies

Ladok is a student record system where, among other things, you can register for courses, sign up for exams, and view your grades and study results.

Log in to Ladok with your student account or find out more about Ladok.

Canvas - your digital classroom

Canvas, the University's learning platform, is likely the system where you will spend most of your time during your studies at the University of Gothenburg. Almost all courses have a course room in Canvas, where you can find information and resources for your courses. The course rooms may look a bit different depending on how your instructor chooses to conduct the course.

You can login to Canvas with your student account or find out more about Canvas.

Zoom - digital lectures and collaboration

Zoom is used for occasions when you can participate in teaching sessions digitally. You can also arrange your own video meetings, attend various events, and collaborate with your classmates if you are working remotely.

You have access to a GU-Zoom account, which you log in to with your student account. It is important that you use this account, so that you are correctly identified during teaching sessions. Find out more and get started with Zoom.

Student Portal – instructions and support

The Student Portal is equivalent to an intranet for all students at the University of Gothenburg. Here, you will find information and instructions on everything you need to manage your studies and university life.

When you are logged into the Student Portal with your student account, you can visit My Page to get an overview of information from your program and your education. The pages in the Student Portal will also be supplemented with information from those responsible for your program. This is how the Student Portal works.

Email and Microsoft 365

When you activate your student account, an email account and an email in Outlook are created. You need to regularly check your student email, as we use it to contact you.

Outlook is a service within Microsoft 365. You also gain access to other apps and services within Microsoft 365 (such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, and OneNote), which you can use to create, collaborate, and share.

Log in to your student email or read more about how to use your email and the various tools within Microsoft 365.

MFA is required to access Microsoft 365

To access your student email and other services within Microsoft 365, your Microsoft account needs to be protected by multi-factor authentication, MFA. If you haven't activated MFA for your account, you will receive a message about this when you try to log in.

Here's how to activate MFA for your account

Other programs for your studies

In addition to the services within Microsoft 365, you have access to a variety of programs that you can use for free during your study period to create, analyse, facilitate reading and writing, manage statistics and handle references.

You can log in to the University's download service with your student account. There is also a separate download service with programs for people with disabilities.

GUprint – printing and copying

With the printing service GUprint, you can copy and print at almost all printers in the University's various campuses and buildings. To be able to use GUprint, you need to top up your printing account in advance.

For more information, visit Printing and copying.

Printing in Chalmers premises

If you have classes on the Chalmers campus, you may also have access to printers here. Those responsible for your education will inform you if this is the case.

Support and assistance for digital tools

The support available for various digital tools, systems, and services can be found via Digital tools.