If you believe that a decision regarding you is incorrect, you have the right to appeal against it. In order for your appeal to be processed, you must submit it within three weeks counted from the day you received the decision.

The following decisions can be appealed:

  • admission requirements
  • deferment of studies
  • approved leave from studies
  • credit transfer
  • degree

If you feel that your studies does not comply with the study rules, you should file a complaint instead. Complaints concerning your education

Content of appeal

Note that your appeal should be signed. In your appeal, please state:

  • The decision you want to appeal against, and its registration number
  • The date upon which you received the decision in question
  • How, in your view, the decision should be changed 
  • Your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number

Addressing the appeal

Send your formal appeal to:

Överklagandenämnden för högskolan
Göteborgs universitet
Box 100
SE-405 30 Göteborg, Sweden

The appeal can also be sent by e-mail to the following email address:

Appeal process

When an appeal is submitted to the university, the case is re-evaluated. The University of Gothenburg re-evaluates the decision and checks the information or evidence that has been added, which may be the basis for an amendment to the decision.

If the previous decision is not changed, the appeal is sent to The Higher Education Appeals Board (Överklagandenämnden för högskolan), together with an opinion from the University.

The Higher Education Appeals Board will give you the opportunity to present further documentation regarding your case. The final decision will be taken by the Higher Education Appeals Board.

The Higher Education Appeals Board's website