A degree is evidence that you have acquired knowledge up to a certain level. When you have completed your studies and want to receive your degree certificate, you must apply for the degree yourself. The degree certificate is free of charge.

Apply for degree

You can apply online via Ladok. If you can’t apply via Ladok use our paper form.

You apply at the university where you have taken the last of the courses that you want to include in the degree certificate.

In order to have a degree issued, the courses you stated in your degree application must meet the degree requirements. Information about Degree requirements

After submitting your application

You will not receive a confirmation of receipt of your application. Your application will be placed in a queue. Applications are processed in order of arrival. If anything is unclear or needs to be completed, you will be contacted by email or phone.

If you entered incorrect information

If you realise that you have entered the wrong information in your application, please inform the Section of Degrees via our contact form. Your administrator can then correct the error. If you are already in contact with your administrator, you can email that person directly.

Processing time

  • For general degrees (Degree of Bachelor, Degree of Master, 60 credits and Degree of Master, 120 credits), degrees in the fine, applied and performing arts and teaching degrees, the processing time is up to eight weeks.
  • For other professional degrees and doctor/licentiate degrees, the processing time is up to three weeks.
  • Applications are processed in order based on application date. The processing time may vary over the year depending on workload and may, for example, be longer when the number of applications is high.

Information on the progress of your application

In Ladok you can see whether your application has reached the Section of Degrees in ’Cases’. The information you will be able to see is your case number, the date when the application was received and if any administrator is registered on your application. If no administrator is stated, it means your application is placed in queue and no one has started to work on it yet. An administrator is only registered on your application when you have reached the front of the queue.


If your application for a degree is rejected, you have the right to appeal the decision.

More about how to appeal

Degree Certificate

The degree certificate is a valuable document for the future whether you want to continue studying, research or start working. For many employers, a degree certificate is a requirement when applying for a job and can also be a salary criterion.

Your degree certificate will show the degree awarded, courses included, grades for the courses and the dates on which the courses were completed, as well as the date on which the degree certificate was issued. The degree certificate is in both Swedish and English. Together with the degree certificate, a Diploma Supplement is attached. The appendix is issued in English and describes the education and its place in the education system.

The University of Gothenburg only issues digital degree certificates since 5 November 2018. You receive an email notification that your degree certificate has been issued. You can then log into Ladok and retrieve your degree certificate, which you can then forward to employers and other educational institutions digitally. You can retrieve the certificate as many times as you like. The document is a PDF and contains an e-stamp. The e-stamp proves that it is a genuine document, and only works if the certificate is opened and read digitally.

You who have a digital degree issued before 1 January 2024 had your degree certificate sent to you by e-mail. Your document is a PDF and contains an e-signature. The e-signature proves that it is a genuine document, and only works if the proof is opened and read digitally.

A digital degree certificate cannot be obtained for a degree that has already been issued in paper format.

Verify and share degrees

There are several different ways you can use to verify and share information about your degree.

Questions and answers


Phone hours

You can reach us at +4631-786 1850
Monday–Wednesday, 9–11 am.

The phone hours are closed 8 July-9 August.

Postal address

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Official documents

The University of Gothenburg is a public authority and documents received by post and via the contact form are considered official. An official document is public, unless it is considered to be classified.