Student account

All new students at the University of Gothenburg get a student account, which is used, among other things, when logging in to various digital tools.

Activate the student account

As a new student, you need to activate your student account.

  • In order to activate the account, you must be admitted to a course or program.
  • You can activate your account from August 10 for the autumn semester and from January 2 for the spring semester.

As an international student, you activate your student account by visiting a Servicecenter. Remember to bring a valid ID such as a passport or driving licence.

If you have a permanent Swedish personal identity number, you can activate your student account yourself using BankID, eduID, Freja eID Plus or login information to

Activate your student account

More about the account

During your time as a student, you use your student account to log in to various systems such as the Student Portal, Canvas and Ladok. The student account also includes an email account and email address as well as access to various online tools in Microsoft 365.

Please note that you must never give out the password to your student account to someone else. You should also never use the same password for the student account as you use for other private accounts or services.

When you get a student account, the university will process your personal data. 

Read about how the university process your personal data

Generate new password

If you have forgotten your password

You can get a new password by visiting a Servicecenter with a valid ID card.

If you have a permanent Swedish personal identity number and login information to BankID,, eduID or Freja eID Plus, you can reset your password via the following link: 

Generate new password to your student account

If you know your password but need to change it

If you know your password, but for some reason need to change it (such as someone else accessing your login details), you can change your password via the link below.

Remember that you must enter the new password in your mobile devices to be able to access your email account and to use the wireless network (eduroam).

This is when your account is deleted

After your last course registration has ended, your student account is kept for 12 months. After that, it is deleted. Before the student account is deleted, information is sent to your student email address (gus*****

If you have approved leave from studies registered in Ladok, your account will not be deleted. 

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