Köpenhamn, vatten, båtar
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Exchange studies in the Nordic Countries

Discover culture, nature and student life in one of our closest neighbors - Norway, Denmark, Finland or Iceland.

Most exchange opportunities in the Nordic region are offered within the framework of the Nordplus/Nordlys network. This means that those who are nominated for an exchange in the Nordic region usually can get a scholarship for their exchange studies (in most cases an Erasmus+ Scholarship). This applies regardless of whether you have been assigned a subject-specific exchange via your Faculty/Department (Nordplus) or a cross-disciplinary exchange (Nordlys).

The following countries are available for the NORDLYS/NORDPLUS scholarships: Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

If you want to go on an exchange within the Nordic region, you should first contact your faculty or department to see if there is any subject-specific cooperation with the university you are interested in. If there is no such cooperation at your faculty or department, or if you want to study courses outside your main subject, you are welcome to apply for an exchange via the interdisciplinary network Nordlys.

Read more about the Nordplus/Nordlys scholarship


Nordlys - GU-wide exchange spots

The Nordlys interdisciplinary network enables exchanges at 26 higher education institutions in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

For a complete list of available Nordic universities, go to:


For questions about GU-wide exchange spots, please contact International Centre.

Nordplus - exchange spots at your faculty/department

Below you will find information about which exchange places your department or faculty has within the Nordic region. If you do not find any information, it means that there are no agreements in your subject area.


For questions about exchange spots within your study field, please contact the international coordinator at your faculty or department.