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International internships

Gain international work experience by completing your traineeship abroad.

An internship abroad is not only a step closer to the working life, it also provides you with international and practical perspectives on your education, improves your language skills, and serves as personal development. Furthermore, an internship abroad gives you access to an international network that can be crucial for your future career.

If you have an internship semester in your program, you can usually choose to do it abroad. Many students who do not have an internship period in their education choose to do an internship at the end of their studies. Most internships are unpaid, but there are several scholarships available to finance your internship.

Erasmus Traineeship

Test your skills in real-life situations with support of a scholarship. Apply through the International Centre at the University of Gothenburg.

Erasmus Traineeship

Placements at EU institutions

Learn more about how the EU works.


An opportunity to get international experience without leaving Sweden.