Credit transfer

As a student you have a right to apply to have credits transferred from previous studies and other knowledge. This applies to both Swedish and foreign studies. You must be admitted to and pursue studies at the University of Gothenburg for the credit transfer to be assessed.

Transfer previously acquired merits

A credit transfer means that you do not have to study something in which you already have equivalent knowledge. You can apply for recognition of formal competence, such as previous studies from a Swedish or foreign higher education institution. You can also credit other knowledge, such as professional experience or education outside the higher education system - known as prior learning.

Keep in mind that a credit transfer can have certain consequences. For example, you should not study the course or part of the course that you have had credited. It may affect any grant you have been given in case it is dependent on the number of credits completed.

Courses from other Swedish university colleges or universities can be included in a general degree (bachelor's and master's degrees) as optional courses without any specific credit transfer.

How to apply?

You apply for credit transfer via Ladok. Log in and select Crediting from the menu and follow the instructions. You will need to upload documents such as transcript of records and course syllabuses.

Credit transfer of studies abroad

As soon as your studies abroad are completed, you should submit your application for credit transfer. If the transcript is in a language other than Danish, Norwegian or English, an official translation must also be attached.

What is considered is whether the previous studies are of the same nature and at the same level as studies at a Swedish university. Also, the university you have studied at has to be internationally recognized. The scope of the foreign studies are recalculated in relation to Swedish Higher Education Credits.

If you have studied at a foreign university that is connected to EMREX, you can transfer your study results to the University of Gothenburg before applying for credit transfer.

Processing time

The processing time for credit transfers are up to eight weeks from when your application is complete including all necessary documents.

National rules

Rules governing credit transfer can be found in the Higher Education Ordinance.

Chapter 6, Sections 6 to 8 of the Higher Education Ordinance (Swedish Council for Higher Educations’ website)


A rejection regarding credit transfer can be appealed. How to appeal