Semester dates

At the University of Gothenburg, official dates are set for the autumn and spring semesters, but not for summer courses. Always check your schedule, some courses may start or end outside the official semester dates.

Semester dates and quarters

An academic year at the University of Gothenburg consists of an autumn and a spring semester, each lasting for 20 weeks. The autumn semester always begins on the Monday that falls between 28 August and 3 September. The spring semester begins on the Monday that falls 20 weeks after the start of the autumn term.

The semesters are divided into quarters. Courses usually start and end based on the start and end dates of the quarters.

Semester dates

  • Spring 2024: 15 January–2 June
  • Autumn 2024: 2 September–19 January
  • Spring 2025: 20 January–8 June
  • Autumn 2025: 1 September–18 January

ALWAYS check your schedule for the dates that apply to your course, as some courses may start and end on different dates.

Quarters spring semester 2024

  • Quarter 1: January 15 – February 15
  • Quarter 2: February 16 – March 20
  • Quarter 3: March 21 – April 25
  • Quarter 4: April 26 – June 2

Quarters autumn semester 2024

  • Quarter 1: 2 September–2 October
  • Quarter 2: 3 October–4 November
  • Quarter 3: 5 November–5 December
  • Quarter 4: 6 December–19 January 

Exceptions from semester dates

Some courses might have different semester dates, if there are special reasons. Any schedule that doesn't fit within the regular semester dates is considered an exception, except for freestanding summer courses or packages. If a course has an unusual semester schedule, the faculty, department or equivalent has applied for this.