Leave and withdrawal of studies

Find out how to take a leave or withdraw from studies and what to do if you want to resume your studies. Before leaving or withdrawing, we strongly recommend that you contact your study counsellor or administrator.

Leave from studies – a break from studies

A leave from studies means that you take a break from your studies that you have registered with the University.

If you have a particular reason, you may be granted a leave from studies with a guaranteed place. If so, you are guaranteed a place in your programme or course after the leave from studies. The particular reasons can be personal, professional, or medical reasons, such as care of a child, military duty, or a student union assignment.

If you're not approved a guaranteed place, you can only return to the education if there's places available. Regardless, it's important that you notify that you are taking a break from your studies as it can impact your chances of returning later.

How to apply for a leave from studies

You apply for a leave from studies to the department that organises your education. The process may vary between different departments. Information from your education can be found further down the page.

Studying on a residence permit?

Keep in mind that The Swedish Migra­tion Agency can revoke a permit if the conditions for the permit are no longer met, such as if you are no longer studying.

The Swedish Migration Agency: Resi­dence permit for studies in higher educa­tion

Withdrawal from studies (non-completion)

If you have decided not to complete your studies on a programme or course that you have already started, you must register a non-completion of studies. A non-completion means that you withdraw from your studies and give up your study place. If you plan to resume your studies in the future, applying for a leave from studies is often a better option.

Withdrawal from a course

If you decide to withdraw from a course, you will not be able to reapply for the education. If you change your mind, you might have the opportunity to return depending on the availability of a place.​​​​​ 

Early withdrawal from a course

If you choose to discontinue a course within three weeks of the start of the course, it has the same meaning as rejecting your offer of a place. This means that your registration is removed and that you can apply for the course and compete for a place again.

Withdrawal from programme studies

If you withdraw from programme studies you can reapply for the programme via / Alternatively, you can contact the department and apply to resume your studies, subject to availability.

Register non-completion

If you have started a course, but want to interrupt your studies, you can register this yourself in Ladok. The easiest way to do this is to go to the course on the Ladok homepage and click on “Show more”. There is a button with the text “I no longer wish to attend”. If this option is not available, contact the department you are studying at.

If you want to withdraw from your programme studies, you do so directly to the responsible department.

Deferment of studies

If you are admitted to a study programme but cannot start your studies this semester, you can apply for a deferment. If you are granted a deferment, it means that you can postpone the start of your studies to a later time.

Deferring your studies on

Resume your studies

If you have been approved a leave from studies with a guaranteed place, your decision contains information about when the studies will resume and when and how registration for further studies must be made.

If you haven't registered a leave from studies, or haven't been granted a guaranteed place after a leave from studies, there is no guarantee that you can return to your studies. You may resume your studies depending on the availability of a place.​​​​​ The responsible department has more information.