Email and Microsoft 365

When you become a student you get an email account and an email address in Microsoft Outlook. The account gives you access to Microsoft 365 and online tools for file storage, word processing and presentations.

Log into the student email

When you activate your student account, an email account and an email address are created. The address looks like this: gus••••• The email is in Microsoft Outlook and via the account you also get access to other tools within the cloud service Microsoft 365. The password for the student email is the same as you have for your student account.

Activate MFA for your account

To be able to access the student email and the other Microsoft 365, your Microsoft account needs to be protected by multi-factor authentication, MFA. If you have not activated MFA for your account, you will receive a message regarding the requirement when you try to log in.

How to activate MFA for your account

Tools in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 includes several tools in versions that work directly in the browser. You can also install the tool on your computer, read more under Other digital tools and software. To be able to get full functionality in the apps you need a computer with Windows or MacOSX (it does not work on a Chromebook).

To log in, you enter your student email address and your password. 


You cannot access the university's Microsoft services if you use VPN.

Use the Outlook app and make sure you can be reached

To easily access your student email, you can download the Microsoft Outlook app to your phone. Select Add account and enter your email address and password for your student account. By activating notifications in the app, you can see if you have received a new message in your student email.

If you already use the Outlook app for another email account, you can add the student email as a new account. Read more under "Frequently asked questions" on how to add a new account. 

An alternative is to forward the student email to another email address.   

Make sure your contact information is updated

The university usually contact you via your student email, but when you are a new student you can also be contacted via the email addresses that you have registered in the learning management system Canvas, Ladok and on Therefore, it is important that you register an updated email address in all systems.

As long as you are a student, you can use the student email address in all systems. All your email will then end up in that inbox. 

Change contact details in our systems

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