Printing and copying

With GUprint, you can print, copy or scan from any printer at the university. You pay for your prints in advance by putting money in a printing account.

How GUprint works 

You can print from the university's computers or from your own computer, tablet or phone. You can also print via the GUprint website or directly from a USB stick. Scanning is free and done directly from the printer. 

Make sure to remove your printouts from the printer queue if there is a problem with the printer during printout. Otherwise, your documents might be printed out once the printer has been fixed and you have left.

Note: To log into GUprint web, you need to be connected to eduroam or login via the university's computers.

Printing - step by step

1. You deposit money to your internal printing account at the GUprint website: 
To GUprint web

2. You send your prints to the printer queue from your computer, phone, tablet or USB stick or via GUprint's website. 

3. You pick up your prints at any printer. To identify yourself on the printer, you use your GU card or by entering the login information for your student account on the printer's display.

Printing from different devices

Paying for prints, prices and refunds

To print or copy, you need to pay in advance. The money you deposit can only be used for printing and copying on the printers at the university. Refunds are not possible, so it is recommended to not deposit larger sums than you think that you will use.

Where to find the printers 

Student printers are located at the University Library, in the areas around the computer rooms and on other locations in the university's premises. If you need help finding a printer, please ask your local study administration or the nearest Servicecenter

If you study in premises that do not belong to the University of Gothenburg, there may be other routines for prints and printers. Contact the administration where you are studying for more information.

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