Study abroad on your own

Organising study abroad on your own requires more planning than going through an exchange program. You will be responsible for all communications with the foreign university and various authorities. You will handle course selection, application, and finding accommodation on your own.

Questions to consider: Which country you want to study in? What is the purpose of your overseas studies? Do you intend to pursue an entire degree or study for a shorter period?

How to apply

Application deadlines vary between different countries. Be sure to start the application process well in advance and find out the specific deadlines for the university you want to attend.

You can obtain application materials from the respective universities. Some countries have a centralized admissions unit.

Ensure that your application is correctly filled out; otherwise, there's a risk it won't be processed. You can find information about the education system in different countries at

Some universities may require you to include a "financial statement," a certificate of your financial assets, with your application. More information on this can be found under the Residence Permits and Visas section below.

Document your previous studies

When applying to a foreign university, you should include translated and authenticated copies of your grades and other documents.

If you are going abroad on your own, you will usually need to attach your secondary school qualifications and any university results. Check with your secondary school; they may be able to assist you in translating your secondary school grades into English.

You can obtain a study certificate in English for your studies at the University of Gothenburg from your department.

Sometimes you need a Certificate of Eligibility to study abroad, which is issued by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR).

How to order certificates for overseas studies. (In Swedish)

For translations into languages other than English, it is best to consult an authorized translator.