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Exchange studies in Belgium

Belgium's capital, Brussels, is the administrative and executive powerhouse of Europe. It brings together people from all over the world, and many students choose to spend a semester in this multicultural melting pot. The universities are prestigious and the range of courses offered in English is extensive.

GU-wide exchange spots

The University of Gothenburg has a joint interdisciplinary agreement with Vrije Universiteit through the EUTOPIA network. Most of the university's students can apply for an exchange place there, but the possibility to go on GU-wide exchange agreements differs between the faculties. You need to check with your faculty, and that Vrije Universiteit offers courses in your field of study.


For questions about GU-wide exchange spots, please contact International Centre.

Exchange spots at your faculty and department

Below you will find information about which exchange spots your department or faculty has in Belgium. If you do not find any information, it means that there are no agreements in your subject area.


For questions about exchange spots within your study field, please contact the international coordinator at your faculty or department.