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Student Portal

My Page, one shared navigation for all students and customized content that changes depending on what you're studying. Those are some of the advantages of the Student Portal.


The new Student Portal is designed for you who are (or soon will be) a student at the University of Gothenburg. As soon as you have received your student account, you can log in.

Read more about the student account here

Once you have logged in, it will be easy to find information that is relevant to you. The University of Gothenburg is large, with many different departments and faculties. What is true in some places does not apply to others. In the old Student Portal, you had to try to figure out which information applied to you, but now we do it for you by only showing information from the departments and faculties you belong to. Therefore, it's a good idea to make sure you are logged in with your student account, so we know which programmes and / or courses you are currently enrolled in.

Log in to the Student Portal

In the main menu, you will find all the information you need to carry out your studies. Each main entry in the menu has sub-pages, and some of these have additional pages under them. But unlike the old Student Portal, you will never find yourself in a situation where you suddenly have a completely different menu to deal with. The main menu is the same for all students at the University of Gothenburg, regardless of what or where you are studying.

Dynamic information pages

Some of the pages you find in the menu are dynamic. By that, we mean that parts of the pages adapt to who you are.

On these pages, you will always find university-wide information that applies to all students at the University of Gothenburg. Below this information, additional content and clarifications from your faculties and departments are displayed. Depending on what you are studying, you may belong to several different departments and faculties, and information from all of these will be displayed. 

The page you are currently reading is a dynamic information page. At the top of the page, you will find a field with the text "Displaying information from." If you expand that field, you will see which faculties and departments you are currently displaying information from. If you have already logged in, you can also see your "home organizations," meaning the departments and faculties you belong to, and automatically choose to display information from them. The choices you make are saved and carried over to other information pages until you either choose to make changes yourself or complete a course and start a new course at a new department.

Note: Not all dynamic information pages will have information from your institution and faculty. If you don't find any information at the bottom of the page, your home organizations have not published anything on that specific page.

My Page

You will always find My Page at the top of the page, in the header section. On My Page, you can read news and announcements in a feed that is tailored just for you, based on which department and faculty you belong to. If you are studying on a programme, you will also see announcements here that are aimed specifically at you and your class mates. Course-specific information and educational material however can be found on Canvas. On My Page, you will find a direct link to your course room in Canvas.

If you have been admitted but not yet registered for the course, you can go to My Page and find a direct link to Canvas open pages, so you know what's up well in advance before your course starts.


The information about your current and past studies on My Page may differ from what you see in Ladok. We only retrieve certain information from Ladok, and it may take some time before the information is updated. If you want a complete overview of your studies, you should log in to Ladok.

There, you can also discontinue older courses that you are registered for but have not completed. They will no longer appear on My Page.

Log in to Ladok for Students

Faculty and department pages

Each faculty and department has its own page on the Student Portal. On these pages, you will find contact information for important functions and other information that is good for you to know. On these pages, you will also find all the information you need about the organization's premises on campus.

Programme Pages

If you are studying a program, you will find specific information related to your program studies on the program's own page.

On My Page under each program, there is a direct link to your program's page. The program page includes, among other things, contact information for program managers, educational plans, and links to important information here on the Student Portal.

Current study participation and organizational affiliation

A significant part of the entire concept of the new Student Portal is built on two things: current study participation and organizational affiliation. In plain English, these two concepts simply mean "what you're studying" and "where you're studying."

"What you're studying" refers to your education, which can be a course, a course package, or a programme. When you log in with your student account, we retrieve information about what you're studying from Ladok. This also allows us to see the status of your educations. The educations that currently have a status of "admitted" or "registered" are the ones we define as current, and these form the basis for your organizational affiliations.

"Where you're studying" refers to the department responsible for the courses and programmes you're enrolled in. Each department is also part of a faculty, so if you're only taking one course at the moment, you have two organizational affiliations: the department offering the course and the faculty to which the department belongs. However, you can have more organizational affiliations if you're studying multiple courses simultaneously or if your programme has courses spread across the university.

You can learn more about faculties and departments on the "Studies at the University of Gothenburg" page.

On all dynamic information pages in the Student Portal, we've already set your "home departments" (and faculties) so that you see information from these. If you see information from departments you're no longer studying at, it may be due to unfinished studies in Ladok that you haven't formally terminated.