Registration, results and certificates

In this section, we explain how to register for a course, where to view your grades and study results, how to generate an Official Transcript of Records, and how to apply for the inclusion of previously studied courses in your degree.

Register and become a student  

When you are admitted to a course or study programme and have accepted your place, the next step is to register for the course(s) you want to study. It is only when you are registered that you are officially counted as a student in that semester and are allowed to attend classes in the course.

Once you have registered, you will have access to your course room in Canvas, for example. You will receive a GU card which serves as your library card for the University Library and access card for study places. Registration also means that you can receive student finance from the Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN).

On the Ladok homepage, you will see your current courses and when registration opens. If you are unable to register or if your course is missing, contact the department where the course is given.


If you want to finish a course that you were previously registered for but do not have an approved grade for, you usually need to re-register to be able to participate in teaching and examinations. Read the information from the course's responsible department to know what applies to your course.

View your grades and study results  

In Ladok, you can view your study results from modules in a course and also when you have passed the entire course. The results are reported in Ladok by one of the teaching staff or the course administrator at your department. Once a result has been entered, you will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address you have provided in Ladok.

Please contact your department if you have any concerns about or cannot find your results in Ladok 

Official Transcript of Records 

If you need a certificate of registration, of expected attendance or a transcript of records showing results in courses or a degree awarded if available, you can easily create one in Ladok for students.

Credit transfer

As a student you are entitled to apply to have credits transferred for previous courses and study programmes. This applies to both Swedish and foreign courses and study programmes. You must be admitted to and pursue studies at the University of Gothenburg for the credit transfer to be assessed.

Rules and how to apply for credit transfer