Rights and responsibilities

As a student at the University of Gothenburg, you have certain rights and responsibilities. To ensure your experience here is as positive as possible, it's important that you're aware of what these entail.

What regulates your rights and responsibilities?

There are laws and regulations that you are obligated to adhere to when participating in education, studying, or taking an exam, as well as in how you treat your fellow students and university staff.

These rules also grant you various rights, ranging from how your education is conducted and your opportunities to participate and influence it, to the conditions of your study environment and how your personal information is handled by the University.

The University may invoke disciplinary measures

If you have committed a disciplinary offense (such as disrupting the teaching, cheating, or subjecting a student or teacher to harassment), the University may invoke disciplinary measures. If you have been reported as suspected for a disciplinary offense, there is a procedure that the University follows.

Disciplinary matters

How the University is reviewed

The Swedish Higher Education Authority (Universitetskanslersämbetet, UKÄ) ensures that universities and colleges adhere to the applicable laws and regulations.

If you feel that the rules are not being followed

We want you to feel safe and supported in your studies. If you encounter a problem, believe that your education has not followed the study regulations, or have something in your student life that you are dissatisfied with, you can report it in various ways.

It's a good idea to first find out what applies to your specific situation. On the Student Portal, you can find information about what applies in most situations and how to proceed if you want to inform the University that you believe something is amiss.

Support for questions or issues

Find out what applies

Complaints about study rules not being followed

If you believe that your education is not in compliance with the study regulations (the rules for studies at first- and second-sycle studies and exams, and rules for student influence), you can make a complaint.

Complaints related to education

Appeal an incorrect decision regarding your studies

If you believe that a decision concerning you is incorrect, you have the right to appeal against it. In order for your appeal to be processed, you must submit it within three weeks counted from the day you received the decision.


Laws and regulations

Read the laws, regulations, and local governing documents that form the basis for the rights and responsibilities you have at the University of Gothenburg.

Laws and regulations

The right to influence your education

You have the right to influence your education and the University has a responsibility to create good conditions for you to be able to affect the way that the University works.

Learn about student influence

Quality work and course evaluations

The University strives for the education to maintain high quality and reach set goals. The course evaluation process is part of that work. This is an opportunity for you to influence your education, by giving your experiences and opinions on what can be improved.

Quality work and course evaluation

A positive study environment

You should feel that the study environment is adapted to you and your situation. Your study environment includes everything that affects your studies and that is within the University's responsibility, everything from your well-being to to having good facilities to study in and access to the tools you need.

Study environment

A Discrimination-Free Study Environment

At the University of Gothenburg, the study environment must be a place entirely free from discrimination and harassment. Every employee and student has a responsibility to treat each other with mutual respect.

Discrimination and harassment

Your security at the University

In case of an incident, you need to know what applies for the safety of yourself and others, such as contact information in case of emergency, fire precaution and access to premises.This information is gathered under Security at the University.


You are covered by an accident insurance during school hours and while traveling to and from the University. You are advised to inquire about your private insurance coverage and read the necessary information in case of illness and injury.


Personal data in student projects

You have the right to process personal data if it is necessary for your education. An important purpose of GDPR is to strengthen the individual's privacy and give the individual increased control over their own personal data. Therefore, you must always inform those whose personal data you process.

Personal data in students projects

How we process your personal data

All processing of students' personal data is carried out within the framework of the University's mission as an educational provider and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and supplementary legislation.

Processing of your your personal data