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Study environment

Your study environment includes everything that affects your studies and that is within the University's responsibility. This page includes information on contributing to a good study environment, what kinds of support are available and how the University works with study environment and equal treatment.

Creating a good study environment together

You may come across different terms such as study environment, students' working environment and study and working environment. These terms mean the same thing. On this page, we mostly use study environment.

The study environment at the University of Gothenburg should be accessible to everyone and free from all forms of discrimination and harassment. You should feel safe when you are studying with us and you have the right to be treated with respect by fellow students and staff. Everyone who works at the University, students and staff alike, together influence how the environment is perceived and have a shared responsibility to safeguard our own and others' health and safety.

Your voice matters

Examples of how you can contribute to a good study environment:

  • Be a good fellow student and know your rights and responsibilities at the University.
  • Contact the University if you notice something wrong or that constitutes a risk.
  • Contact the course coordinator if you have any comments.
  • Respond to the course evaluation at the end of each course.
  • Respond to surveys of the study environment.
  • Get involved as a student work environment representative, in the student union or as a student representative.

For more information about how to make an impact where you're studying, contact your student union. You can also read more about student influence, about student work environment representatives and about your rights and responsibilities.

Support at the University

If you need support concerning something to do with your studies or have information to share, there is always someone you can contact. In some cases, there are specific functions at the University that you can turn to. In others, you can get advice on where to go or tips on resources that you can use on your own.

The University's work with study environment and equal treatment

As a student, you are largely equal to the employed staff in matters concerning study environment.