At the end of your studies

As the end of your studies approaches, there are certain things that are good for you to keep track of. Find all important information about what you need to know before you leave the University of Gothenburg.

Before you depart (international student)

Before the semester ends, take some time to think about what returning home from Sweden means for you practically.

Digital tools and your documents

After your studies, your access to many of the systems, programs, and licenses you used during your studies will be limited or discontinued. It's important that you are aware of these changes and what actions you need to take.

Higher education qualifications

If you want to obtain a degree when you've completed your studies, you must apply for it yourself.

The University and your career

Now it's time to take the step into your professional life, and we've gathered some tips on how you can continue your journey with us.

The University Library

You can still use the library once you finished your studies!