Book a group room or other study space

At the University of Gothenburg and at the university library, there are several group rooms that students at the university can book to study undisturbed in groups. For some courses, there's also a possibility to book other study spaces or equipment.

Access to bookable study spaces depends on your education

Some group rooms and other study places (such as workshops, dance halls, laboratories, computers, and study workplaces), as well as certain equipment, must be booked in advance.

Which study spaces and equipment you have access to book depend on the courses or programme you are currently taking. The faculties and departments (which organise our education) are responsible for their own facilities and some group rooms and other study places are education-specific. There are also around 60 bookable group rooms at the University of Gothenburg Library, which all students can book.

Find and book in TimeEdit

Most bookings are made in the booking system TimeEdit:

  • You can see what you can book by visiting the student booking page.
  • To see all the rooms you have access to book, press "Search" without making any category selections.
  • In TimeEdit, there are further instructions on how to find available times and complete your booking.

Book a group study room or study space in TimeEdit

Book a group study room at the library in TimeEdit

Study spaces not booked in TimeEdit

There may be study spaces that you have access to through your education, which are booked in other systems than TimeEdit. More information can usually be found if you scroll down to the information from your education on this page.

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