Complaints concerning your education

If you feel that your education does not follow the study regulations, you can make a complaint. You can also provide feedback, for example, through course evaluations.

Complaints when study regulations are not followed

If you believe that your education is not in compliance with the study regulations (the rules for studies at first- and second-sycle studies and exams, and rules for student influence), you can make a complaint.

Complaints could be about things like:

  • scheduling
  • grading
  • processing time
  • the possibility to influence your education

If you believe that a decision concerning your education is incorrect, you can instead appeal the decision.

Find out what applies first

Before you make a complaint, it's important that you find out what the rules are. You can do this by checking the information in the Student Portal or by downloading the study regulations documents.

You can also reach out to your student union for assistance and support. It's also possible to send a simpler question about rules or legal matters to the Swedish Higher Education Authority, UKÄ. Ask the lawyers at the Swedish Higher Education Authority for guidance.

Complaints are handled by your department

For formal complaints, direct your concerns to your department, the administrative body responsible for your program. If you are not content with the department's decision, you have the option to request a review from the relevant faculty.

Each department and faculty has established procedures for handling complaints. You can find more information under your institution's and faculty's information on this page.

Giving input on your education

If you have suggestions or feedback about your education, instead of making a formal complaint, there are several ways to share your thoughts. All students can provide feedback through anonymous course evaluations. Additionally, you can reach out to the person responsible for your programme via email or other channels.