Change contact details in our systems

To ensure that you don't miss important information from the university, it's crucial that we have the correct contact information for you. You can update your contact details yourself in Ladok, but you also need to consider forwarding your student email if you're not using it.

E-mail address Ladok

In Ladok, enter the e-mail address you want to be contacted on. 

  • If you have not studied before, the e-mail address you provided at the time of registration on ( in English) will automatically be entered in Ladok 

  • However, if you have studied before in Sweden, the same e-mail address you had then will remain. 

Even if you are a student at several different higher education institutions at the same time, you only have one e-mail address in Ladok. It is therefore particularly important that you check that you have a current e-mail address in Ladok. Under “My pages” in Ladok, you can view and change your contact details. This is where your e-mail address and residential address are stored.

E-mail address Canvas

In the learning management system Canvas your student email is preset as the default email address. In Canvas, communication mainly takes place directly in the system and not via e-mail, but there are different settings for receiving notifications from the learning platform via e-mail.

When you have logged in, you can add more email addresses and choose which email address you want to be contacted at.

Student e-mail address

As a student at the University of Gothenburg, you have access to a student e-mail address that is the same as your student account followed by (gus••••• Your student e-mail address will remain even if you enter another e-mail address in Ladok


In Ladok, you can see your address as registered in the Swedish population register by the Swedish Tax Agency. If necessary, you can enter a temporary address for yourself (temporary until you delete it). The address you enter will also apply for all higher education institutions where you are a student. 

Details that can only be changed by the Swedish Tax Agency 

  • Changes to your name 

  • How your name is displayed (if there is a marked first name or name commonly used, only this name will be displayed in Ladok) 

  • Your address in the population register in Sweden 

Phone number

If you wish, you can enter your phone number in Ladok for Students under My Pages.

Personal identity number

If you have been registered with an Interim personal identity number that consist of your birthday date followed by a letter and three digits, and have subsequently received a Swedish Personal identity number (personnummer) it should be updated in Ladok. To have the the personal identity number updated in Ladok, contact Servicecenter.


If you have further questions about changing your address and name, please contact Servicecenter.