Contact your international coordinator

When you go on an exchange, you need to be in contact with your international coordinator. On this page you will find the contact details.

What is an international coordinator?

The international coordinator serves as a support and guides you through the entire exchange process, before, during, and after the exchange. This may include, for example, when you are applying to the university abroad or if you need assistance with any practical matters related to your studies while you are abroad.

Common questions for an international coordinator

  • Am I eligible for exchange studies?
  • Where can I go?
  • What courses can I take?
  • What are the costs?
  • Can I get a scholarship?
  • I have special needs, is there support available for me?
  • How many credits should I complete abroad?
  • How do I transfer my credits?

Most of the answers can be found on this website, under Go international, but if you have further questions, please feel free to contact your international coordinator. You will find the contact information below.

International Centre

GU-wide exchange spots

If you apply for an exchange spot through a GU-wide agreement, you will be in contact with one of the coordinators at International Centre.


Erasmus Traineeship

If you apply for a traineeship through Erasmus+, please contact Jasmin Tabib-Zedeh at the International Centre for assistance on:

International coordinators at your faculty/department

If you apply for exchange places related to your subject you will be in contact with the coordinators at your faculty or department. You can find them below. Some faculties have an International Office.