Apply for courses during your studies

Even when studying at the University, you may need to apply for courses, including those for the upcoming semester, elective courses or subject-specific courses in your programme. If you're taking a freestanding course, you can search for additional courses to obtain a degree.

Applying for courses within a programme

If you are admitted to a programme, you will take predetermined courses in a specific order. Many programmes include one or more semesters where you will need to choose or register for courses yourself, such as semesters with elective courses, choice of subject, profile subject, or specialisation.

How to apply

Information on how and when to apply for courses within your programme can be found in your educations information on this page. If you want to view your programme's study plan, which describes the order in which you take the courses included in the programme, you can usually do so on your programme's page on the Student Portal.

Freestanding courses

If you are taking a freestanding course, you may have the opportunity to build your own degree by applying for additional courses. Instead of studying a programme with predetermined courses, you combine courses yourself to earn a degree in a specific field. Only certain degrees can be obtained without following a programme. Your study counsellor can guide you in how to build your own degree.

Apply to later part of a programme

If you have completed courses equivalent to the courses in the first part of an educational programme, there may be an opportunity to apply for admission to a later semester within the program. Admission is subject to availability. Contact a study counsellor in the subject you are interested in to learn more about the possibilities.