Thesis abroad

As part of a thesis or degree project, there may be opportunities to go abroad, for example to collect data. Start by checking your study plan and the syllabus of the thesis course to see if this applies to you.

To carry out a degree project completely or partially abroad requires planning well in advance:

  • Check with the department (faculty) where you are taking your thesis course to see if it is possible to write your thesis or carry out a project work abroad.
  • Does your supervisor have the opportunity to supervise you abroad?

Apply for funding from Erasmus+

Within the Erasmus+ program, there is a possibility to apply for a scholarship for data collection at a company, organization or hospital, or for thesis work or field study within Europe. You do this as an Erasmus Trainee.

Read about Erasmus Traineeship

If your data collection takes place at another Erasmus-affiliated institution in Europe, you can instead go as an exchange student.

Read about Erasmus+


Learn more about which scholarships may be relevant

Scholarships for going abroad

There may also be specific scholarships at your faculty for data collection abroad. All information can be found below.