Quality work and course evaluation

The university strives for the education to maintain high quality and reach set goals. The course evaluation process is part of that work.

Continuous quality improvement

The University of Gothenburg conducts continuous follow-up and development work. There are a variety of processes and governing documents that contribute to the quality assurance of the education. The work takes place at all levels: at course, programme, department and faculty level as well as university-wide. In addition, educational evaluations with external assessment contribute to developing the quality of the university's educations.

Course evaluation – a way to influence

The students' view of the education is of central importance in the University's quality work. Once you have finished a course you will be given the possibility to fill in a course evaluation. This is an opportunity for you to influence your education, by giving your experiences and opinions on what can be improved. The evaluation must be anonymous and, as far as possible, in writing.

The course coordinators makes a transparent analysis of the results. The analysis is summarised in a report, which also contains possible measures. Measures can be, for example, changes to the course's goals, syllabus, reading list or teaching and examination forms. The students' examination results can also form a basis for the compilation.

Both students who have taken the course and students who will start the course the next time it is given must be informed of the report. The department responsible for your education will let you know where to find the report.

Other evaluations and reports

In addition to the course evaluation, we also value ongoing dialogue and feedback with students and student representatives. These dialogues come in various forms and are common in the University's courses. Sometimes other follow-ups and reports are also compiled, for example program reports.