Other digital tools and software

Through contracts with various software suppliers, the university has access to a variety of applications and resources intended for students. The programs can be used for as long as you are a student at the University of Gothenburg.

System requirements

The university does not require any particular type of personal computer for your studies, but for the use of certain software there may be specific requirements. For example, you cannot use Microsoft 365 apps with full functionality on a Chromebook. For this, a computer with Windows or MacOSX is needed.

Download service for software 

Via the link below you can download applications that you are allowed to use freely during your time as a student at the University of Gothenburg. 

On the information page for each software you find more information about it as well as useful tips and help for how to use it.   

To download service for software

Contact your department if you need access to software that you cannot find via the link above.

Software for students with disabilities

Via the link below you will find support software that can be of help for reading and writing difficulties or visual impairment.  This page provides a list of these software programmes and the possibility to download them. 

Support software for students with disabilities

Microsoft 365

As a student, you can download several programs included in Microsoft 365. To read more about what programs that are available, go to Email and Microsoft 365

To download the programs, log into Microsoft 365 with your student email address (gus••••• and your password. To install, press "Install apps" in the top right corner. No license code is required.

Log in to Microsoft 365


With Mentimeter you can create engagement and activity during your presentations by collecting questions or reflections from the audience. Via phones, computers and other mobile devices, participants can answer various questions you have prepared, participate in polls and submit questions.

Log in to Mentimeter with your student account

Help pages on the Mentimeter website

Mahara Eportfolio

Mahara Eportfolio is an e-portfolio system in which staff and students can collect and present essays, reports, reflective commentary, task lists, video, audio or artwork and control who has the right to see the content.

Log in to Mahara Eportfolio with you student account

Study Plan and VFU Web (Teacher Students)

Teacher students have access to a study plan on the web. In this plan, you can see all the courses you, as a teacher student, should take during your education. You can verify that the study plan is accurate by logging into the Study Plan and VFU Web.

Log in to the Study Plan and VFU Web