Scholarships at the University of Gothenburg

On this page you will find scholarships that are administered by the University of Gothenburg aimed at those who study at the University.

Some scholarships can be applied for by all students and some scholarships can only be applied for by students studying a certain field of study. There may be additional requirements for eligibility, for example where you live or your hometown.

If you're going to study abroad, we recommend that you read the information about Scholarships for going abroad.

How to apply

The rules for eligibility, application, selection and decision differ between the scholarships. How to apply and other important information can be found at the respective scholarship. The application is usually made via Gothenburg University's scholarship application system.

General scholarships

The general scholarships are aimed at all students at the University, regardless of subject area.

Scholarships for students at a "philosophical faculty"

The University of Gothenburg traces its origins to the Gothenburg University College, which consisted of the philosophical faculties. Scholarships are still granted to students studying at "philosophical faculties" at the University of Gothenburg, through foundations established during the College's time. This covers departments that were formerly (before 1 July 1977) part of one of the philosophical faculties:

  • Departments at the Faculty of Humanities
  • Departments at the Faculty of Science
  • Departments at the School of Business, Economics and Law
  • The following departments at the Faculty of Social Sciences: Department of Psychology, Department of Sociology and Work Science, Department of Political Science and Department of Global Studies
  • For the Faculty of Education, students are included in, for example, the subject of pedagogy (Teacher education is not included)

Responsible for the distribution of scholarships and grants from the philosophical faculties is the Grants Committee of the Philosophical Faculties.

How to find other scholarships

Scholarships are usually awarded by foundations, but trade unions, associations, organizations and banks may also have scholarships. Some good websites to find scholarships:

Scholarships tied to a faculty/subject areas

Scholarships tied to a specific subject area can only be applied for by students within that subject area or within a specific faculty.