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Are you good at organising your studies? Do you like helping others? Being a mentor means you will learn a lot and get paid for extra work where you help a student who needs study support to plan and structure their studies.

What does a mentor do? 

As a mentor, you help a student who needs study support to sort out and prioritise what is important, and to interpret assignments and tasks, and course components. By helping the student with frameworks and the clarity needed for their study situation to function well, you will be helping them to improve their chances of completing their studies successfully.

How does mentorship work?

You meet the student who needs support once a week for about 1–1.5 hours. You can mentor several students if you have the time and are interested, but all these meetings are one-on-one.

You get a lot back for the effort you put in

For being a mentor, you are paid SEK 150 per hour plus holiday pay. When your mentoring assignment begins, you will receive an introduction to mentoring from the University’s mentor coordinator. During the assignment, we support you with personal supervision. You will also be invited to in-service training, lectures and joint seminars each month with other mentors.

You can get a statement of your mentoring assignments

When you finish your assignment as a mentor, you can receive a certificate stating that you have been a mentor at the University of Gothenburg. Proof and a record of a rewarding and instructive role that you have had, which you can take with you in your future working life.

How do I become a mentor?

You can fill in an expression of interest form or contact the mentor coordinator if you are interested in becoming a mentor. 

If you are awarded the assignment, you will receive an invitation to an introductory session where you will receive more practical information on how to mentor a student. After the introductory session, you are matched with a student who needs mentoring support, and you will officially start working together at a joint meeting that the mentor coordinator invites you and the student to. You then begin your mentorship and schedule all following meetings yourselves. 

What is study support for students with disabilities?

Students with a documented long-term disability can receive study support. The study support provided is designed to suit the student’s needs and can consist of many forms of adjustments. One example of study support is to have a mentor.


Mentor Coordinator

Victor Hillström, +4631-786 6601
Sofia Vilelind, +4631-786 6604

The mentor coordinator service will be closed from 21 December and will reopen on 8 January.

If you want to become a mentor or have questions about becoming a mentor, you are welcome to contact us. You can also fill in an expression of interest form. 

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