New student

Welcome to the University of Gothenburg! We are so pleased that you have chosen to study with us. When you start att university there's a lot to remember. Here are some key things you'll need to do to set yourself up for the studies ahead.

What you need to do as a new student

This list contain general information that applies to all new students. There will most probably be additional information from your faculty or department.

Please read the information provided by your education

Our education is organised and run by eight faculties, each with departments responsible for the education within specific subjects. Scroll down on this page to read information from the department and/or faculty responsible for your education. Their information is specific for you and your classmates.

When logged in with your student account, additional information is automatically displayed from the faculty and department to which your education belongs. You'll find that most pages on the Student Portal work like this!

Service and support

Support is available to you from the day you are admitted until graduation. Some of the available services include: