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Transcript of Records

If you are or have been a student at University of Gothenburg, you can obtain a transcript of records. With an active student account, you can create it yourself.

Generate the transcript yourself

If you have an active student account or login details to universityadmissions.se or eduID, you can generate a legitimate result transcript, registration transcript or a national transcript* in PDF format via Ladok (the university database for documenting study results). You can generate a transcript in Swedish or English and you get several options on which information you want to include.

The transcript can be used when you apply for work, studies, or scholarships. The authenticity of the transcript can be controlled by a verification code on a website. Verifiable transcripts are the most reliable kind of transcript.

Please note, you must allow pop up windows to be able to create a verifiable certificate in Ladok for students.

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*A transcript that shows your results from all Swedish universities that uses Ladok.

Share your degree via Ladok

If you have a degree registered in Ladok you can share it with any recipient, for example an employer. The sharing is done by retrieving a control code and communicating it to a recipient, who can use the code to access information about the degree and its content. The same code can be used several times and for several recipients.

Sharing degrees

Signed transcripts 

You can also order a transcript from Servicecenter. You order it via the form on this page. The transcript you order is signed but does not have a verification code.

The transcript is sent via post. Only if you have an active student email address or another email address registered in Ladok, we can send the transcript digitally. Please state in the free text field at the bottom of the form if you wish to use this option.

Please note that it is only possible to order a transcript of the courses studied at the University of Gothenburg, and that there are fewer options compared to the transcripts you generate yourself.

In accordance with the Ordinance concerning fees, section 16, first and second paragraphs, orders that exceed 10 pages will be charged.

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Check your records

If you want to check that your results have been rapported, you can do it in Ladok for students.

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Order of transcripts 

Your transcript can be sent digitally if you have an active student email or an email registered in Ladok for students, if so, please state this in the free text field. Otherwise your documents will be sent via post. Please observe that you can only order transcripts that shows your results from the University of Gothenburg. You can choose between several transcripts:

  • Certificate of Registration - shows what you are studying this semester or have been registrered on previously. Transcript for the current semester cannot be printed until registration is completed.
  • Transcript of Records (Results) - shows your results, with or without modules specified and with our without non completed courses. Also shows if you have a degree.
  • Certificate of anticipated participation – shows upcoming courses that you have been admitted to but are not yet registered on.


  = Mandatory fields

Postal address (where you want your transcripts to be sent):

* Type of certificate (you can choose more than one):

If you have chosen a Certificate of Registration, choose if to include:

If you have chosen a Transcript of Records (Results), choose if to include:

* I want the transcript in:

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