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Digital degree certificates

From 5th of November 2018 onwards the university issues digital degree certificates. Degree certificate in paper format is no longer issued. A digital degree certificate cannot be obtained where a degree is already issued in paper format.

A digital degree certificate contains the same information as a degree certificate in paper format. You receive your degree certificate by e-mail and can send it to employers and other higher education institutions digitally. This avoids paper copies, validation and scanning. The document is a PDF/A and contains an e-signature. The e-signature confirms that it is a genuine document, and only works if the document is opened and read digitally.

Why have digital degree certificates been introduced?

The switch to digital degree certificates was made when the university replaced the current version of the student administration system - Ladok vs. Ladok3. In this way, handling becomes faster, smoother and safer for students, PhD students and administrators.

The decision was taken by the Vice-Chancellor on 17 May and is in line with the University's Sustainable Development Policy.


Section of Degrees and Examination Service

Office of Degrees  

Closed visitor service

Due to the ongoing spread of coronavirus, Office of Degrees is currently closed for visitors. 


+4631-786 1850
Phone hours: Monday-Wednesday, 9.00-11.00

Closed telephone service

Due to staff training, Office of Degrees has the telephone closed Wednesday, September 22th.



Postal address

University of Gothenburg
Educational Affairs
Box 100, SE-405 30 Gothenburg

Official documents

The University of Gothenburg is a public authority and several documents are considered official and public, for example essays, theses and course documentation. This means that e-mail sent to and from the University is official and public, unless it is considered to be classified.

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