Important Dates

The application period for exchange studies is 10 December to 1 February. The applications submitted during this period are for exchanges planned for the subsequent autumn and/or spring semesters.

Note: The Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts has en extra application round in May, for the subsequent spring.

Some faculties and departments arrange additional application periods in March and September. In most cases, these calls for applications are for a limited number of exchange opportunities that were not assigned in regular application period. For information about possible exchange vacancies and application deadlines, please contact your faculty or department.

Late applications are not possible, so plan your exchange well in advance.

1. Am I Eligible?

To be able to study abroad within an exchange program, you must meet the following criteria:

2. Where and when can I go on exchange?

Before you begin the application process, you need to find out when an exchange best fits into your programme or study plan and if there are any specific requirements regarding what you can study during an exchange. Discuss your plans with a study counsellor or international coordinator at your faculty/department. Once you have done this you canbegin to explore what universities offer exchange programs and courses that align with your circumstances and interest.

Read more about where you can go for exchange studies.

On My Page, you can see which faculty and institution your education belongs to.

3. Apply for nomination in Mobility-Online 

The first step in your application for exchange studies is to secure a nomination to one of the universities you are interested in. A nomination means that the University of Gothenburg suggests you as an exchange student to a partner university. You apply for a nomination through Mobility-Online. You can only submit an application when the application period is open. If your application is approved, and GU nominates you for exchange studies, you will need to submit a new application directly to the partner university, which will then accept you as an exchange student.

The entire application process is completed online. The application form will be available via the link to Mobility-Online below.

Here's how to apply:

A confirmation email will be sent when your application is complete. Your application is considered complete once you have:

  • Completed the Application Form ”Outgoing Exchange
  • Registered in Mobility Online, and filled in your address details and possibly bank information.
  • Uploaded mandatory documents (if required by your faculty/institution).
  • Submitted the application by checking the box "Submit application", then "Forward to update", and finally checking the box for "Completion of documents".

You can make changes to your application in Mobility-Online up until the final application deadline if you have not submitted your application via "Submit application". Once you check "Submit application", the application will be locked for editing.

Support and help with the application is provided by coordinators at your department/faculty.

Your application has now been submitted and is complete!

4. Processing of Your Application

Once you have submitted your application and the deadline has passed, all applications will be assessed. If application is complete and you meet the basic eligibility requirements, your application will be included in the selection process.

5. Am I nominated?

A few weeks after the application deadline, you will be informed about the outcome. Note that a nomination is not the same thing as a guaranteed exchange opportunity. Instead, a nomination means that the University of Gothenburg has given you permission to submit a detailed application to a specific host university.

6. Accept or reject nomination

If you are offered a nomination spot at an exchange university, you will receive an email from Mobility-Online with a link to the system. In some cases, you may also receive an offer via email directly from your international coordinator. If you wish to accept the spot, log in to Mobility-Online and confirm within the specified response period (which may vary depending on the faculty/department). Also, follow any additional instructions provided by your international coordinator.

Failure to respond within the given time frame will be considered as declining the offered spot, and it will then be offered to another student. A student who accepts but later changes their decision without a valid reason (such as illness) before the exchange begins may be placed at the bottom of the priority list for future exchange applications.

7. Apply to the partner university

If you accept your nomination, you will receive separate information from the responsible international coordinator, either at your faculty, department or at the International Centre, regarding how you should proceed with an application to your allocated host university.

Your international coordinator will assist and support you with the application to the exchange university. However, it is your responsibility to complete and submit the application according to the instructions and deadlines you receive. The coordinator can assist with certificates from GU and academic inquiries, but tasks such as the visa process, accommodation application, travel planning, and so on, are your responsibility.

The likelihood of your application being accepted by the exchange university is typically high, but it is always at the discretion of the host university to accept or reject an application.

Language Proficiency Test

Please note that some partner universities, especially those outside of Europe, require language proficiency tests. If it is a general English language certificate, your international coordinator can usually help you. If it is a specific language proficiency test, such as TOEFL or IELTS, you will need to book, pay for, and take the test on your own, well in advance.