Stuents from last year´s summer school
Photo: Nathalie Greppi

Participate in GU’s Summer School for Sustainability together with students from around the world


At the University of Gothenburg's Summer School for Sustainability, you'll have the chance to delve deep into issues related to Agenda 2030 and the global sustainability goals together with students from around the globe. 'It's like a mini-exchange semester', says Nicole Lindblom Reitz, who attended last year's summer school.

Over five weeks this summer, you'll have the opportunity to develop your understanding of global sustainability goals together with students from all over the world and students admitted through the Swedish national system. All classes will be conducted in English, on-site in Gothenburg. In addition to the courses, you'll participate in a comprehensive program of joint academic and social activities.

A diverse mix of students

Nicole Lindblom Reitz participated in last year's summer school together with 150 students from over 70 universities worldwide.

'The fact that the students had different academic backgrounds was a crucial part of being able to have so many interesting discussions during the seminars. We exchanged many interesting perspectives that I wouldn't have encountered otherwise because I usually study with a more homogeneous group of people who all have similar perspectives. Furthermore, the courses were related to sustainability, making the experience rewarding from a long-term perspective', she says.

The extensive program outside the classroom, including field trips, excursions, and social activities, was rewarding.

'The summer school provided lessons and experiences beyond the classroom, fostering softer values such as cultural learning and relaxed discussions with coursemates about what we learned during the day', says Nicole.

Experience for the future

Nicole believes that her experiences will be beneficial when applying for jobs in the future.

'Partly because of the course itself, which is related to my studies and sustainability, I believe it adds a strong point to my CV. Also, I gained experience in spending the summer with international students. I learned to balance enjoyable social activities with studying, I learned to listen and curiously engage with other cultures and perspectives, while also sharing my own culture and perspective. On a social level, I learned to quickly adapt to different types of people, and it was fun to act a bit as a guide to Sweden and Gothenburg. It's been incredibly rewarding to attend the Summer School, and I would love to do it again!'

Courses for 2024

As a student at the Summer School for Sustainability, you'll choose one of five courses to study over five weeks. The following 7.5-credit courses will be offered in the summer of 2024, all taught in English and at Bachelor level:

  • Teaching Sustainable Development from a Global Perspective

  • Biodiversity in Western Sweden

  • Managing Migration

  • Digitalisation in a changing world

  • Imagining justice for a sustainable world: perspectives from fiction, philosophy and religion.


The summer school runs from 27 June to 2 August

  • Arrival day for international students 27 June

  • Welcome ceremony for all students 28 June


For information about application process, please follow the link: Summer School for Sustainability