Students at the Department of journalism, media and communication
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Department of Journalism, Media and Communication

Welcome to JMG – a leading research and teaching center on journalism, media and communication.

The Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMG) is a leading actor in Northern Europe within journalism education and media and communication studies.

JMG offers two international master's programmes:

JMG also welcomes exchange students coming to us on agreements, both within the Erasmus framework and from non-European countries. We offer two exchange courses: 

It is a goal of JMG to remain open to the surrounding society while at the same time maintaining integrity as part of the University. Our courses provide students with useful knowledge and skills, and actively foster independent and critical thinking.

We work in close contact with the media sector and society at large, and our teachers have thorough practical and theoretical experience within their individual fields.

For more information, please contact JMG's study administrator, e-mail:

Contact list

Department management

Head of Department. Marie Grusell. E-mail:, tel +46(0)31 786 49 85, 0706-72 19 96

Deputy Head of Department & Head of Education. Theo Röhle. E-mail:, tel +46(0)31 786 12 28

Assistant Head of Department & Head of Working Environment. Ulrika Tengby Holm. E-mail:, tel +46(0)31 786 51 77, 0705-76 46 89

Assistant Head of Department & Head of Research. Jesper Strömbäck. E-mail:, tel +46(0)31 786 49 34

Chief administrator + Economy. Anders Ahlin. E-mail:, tel +46(0)31  786 6288

Director of Studies

Doctoral programme: Annika Bergström. E-mail, phone+46 (0)31 786 5178

Journalism studies: Helena Löfving. E-mail:, phone +46 (0)31 786 34 22

Media- and Communication studies: Gabriella Sandstig. E-mail, phone + 46(0)31 786 47 94

Programme coordinators, international master programmes

Investigative journalism (MIJ): Ulla Sätereie. E-mail, phone +46 (0) 31 786 4999

Political communication (PolCom):
Nicklas Håkansson. E-mail, phone +46 (0) 31 786 4944

Service and administration

Study counselor and international coordinator. E-mail:

Human Resources Administrator. Sofia Hallsten. E-mail:, phone +46 (0) 31 786 6310

Communication Officer. Cajsa Malmström. E-mail:, phone +46 (0) 31 786 119


About Department of Journalism, Media and Communication

Type of organization
Belongs to faculty
Faculty of Social Sciences
Contact information
Post address
Box 710
Visiting address
Seminariegatan 1 B

JMG is situated in Mediehuset at Seminariegatan 1B, close to the big park Slottskogen in Gothenburg. Teaching also takes place in Annedalsseminariet next to Mediehuset.

Student spaces

There are common spaces for the students on floors 3 and 4 in Mediehuset. On level 4 there is a kitchen with the option of heating food. The students themselves are responsible for order in the kitchen. Cafe, kitchen, group room and reading room are also available in Annedalsseminariet. 

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There are student computers on floor 3 and 4 in Mediehuset. To get access to the computers you need a student GU card and a user-ID. There is wifi in Mediehuset, log on with your student account.

There are also student computers in room 308 in Annedalsseminariet.

Don´t forget to save a copy of your work on a memory stick or send it to your e-mail. Downloading music on university computers is not allowed.


The Students' Portal is JMG's primary channel for information to our students, in everything except communication that deals with the teaching itself. Such communication takes place on the learning platform Canvas or in another way in agreement with your teachers.

Notice boards. Some information from the department, the faculty and the university is announced on the notice board outside the student office on ground floor and on the big sceen at the entrance.
Studentportal. On the Student Portal you can find both information from JMG to current students on the department´s pages and information from University of Gothenburg concerning things that might be good to know as a student.
JMG's website – is the main source of information for the department´s external communication.

Social media. Follow JMG on:

Students' associations and representatives

JMG's students' association Gaudium

Gaudium is the section association for those who study journalism or media and communication science at JMG at the University of Gothenburg. Our goal is to make your study time the best time of your life. To make this possible, we arrange study social events such as kick-off, quiz nights, sit-ins and much more!

More information about Gaudium: 

Student representative for equal treatment at JMG

Greta Engström, email:

Student representative in JMG's department council, Institutionsråd (IR)

As a student, you have representative(s) in JMG's department council (IR). It is an advisory body to the head of department and constitutes a forum for dialogue and discussion of the department's activities, which meets approximately once a month during the semester. 

During 2023/24 two student representatives will be included in JMG's IR:

Student work environment representative (SAMO)

Saga Thieme, email:


At the moment we have not published any news articles.


No events are currently published.