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For those of you taking a course

Information about a course, including the schedule, course syllabus, reading list, responsible instructor, and more, can be found in the course overview for each course on the Canvas learning management system. It's important to register for the course well in advance of the course start date, whether you are taking an individual course or part of a programme. If you have practical questions about your course, please feel free to contact the course's education administrator.

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For those of you enrolled in a programme

On the Student Portal, there are programme pages that outline how the programmes are structured semester by semester. As a programme student, you will find the information you need there. If you have practical questions about your programmme, you should contact the programme's education administrator. If you need guidance, feel free to reach out to the student counsellor. Information about your courses  schedule, course syllabus, reading list, responsible instructor, and more  can be found in the course overview for each course on the Canvas learning management system. It is important for programme students as well to register for their courses well in advance of the course start date.

Our students find employment

In the spring of 2023, we conducted an alumni survey to find out what our former students, alumni, are doing after graduation. It shows that 32 percent found employment before graduation, and 76 percent had secured employment six months after graduation. Some of the skills that alumni find most valuable from their education include the ability to work independently, meet deadlines, and critically reflect and discuss.

Career paths after graduation

Education administrators

Feel free to contact your education administrator if you have any practical questions about your studies.

Maria Lilleste
Maria Lilleste
Education Administrator
  • Master level courses in political science
  • Master’s Programmme in Political Science (MaPS)
  • Master's Programme in Political Science: Environmental Governance and Behavior (MaPSE)
  • Master’s Programme in International Administration and Global Governance (IAGG)
Vendela Lundskog
Vendela Lundskog
Education Administrator
  • Courses in European Studies
  • Master's Programme in European Studies, Social Science Track (MAES)
  • Master's Programme in European Studies, Humanities Track (HMAES)

Study counselling

Eva Nilsson
Eva Nilsson
Study Counsellor

Feel free to reach out to Eva Nilsson if you are experiencing health issues related to your studies, require pedagogical support, seek credit transfer for previous education, are considering a study break, or are contemplating discontinuing your studies. Moreover, Eva can assist you in discussing your future aspirations and formulating a career plan.

Elin Ackerberg
Elin Ackerberg
Internship- and alumni coordinator

With Elin Ackerberg, you can discuss internships, both within Sweden and on an international scale. She can also provide support and guidance when it comes to planning your career. Additionally she works with the admission to our masters' programmes.

Angelica Thell
Angelica Thell
Study Counsellor

If you need guidance in choosing exchange studies, you can contact Angelica Thell. With her, you can also discuss our double degree programs where you study for one year in Konstanz, Germany, or one year in Chapel Hill, USA.

      Finding your way on Campus and Safety

      The Department of Political Science is part of Campus Haga. Through the link below, you will find information about opening hours, study spaces, cafes, and kitchenettes on campus, as well as the location of the nearest service center and information about accessibility in the premises.

      Finding your way on the University

      It is important that you read through the information on safety of yourself and others. In the event of an accident or crisis, we must all be prepared!

      Security at the university

      Social media

      Facebook: Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg

      About Department of Political Science

      Type of organization
      Belongs to faculty
      Faculty of Social Sciences
      Contact information
      Post address
      Box 711
      Visiting address
      Sprängkullsgatan 19

      This is the Department of Political Science

      Our department is an international academic environment, welcoming students, researchers, and staff from all around the world. Here, you can expect to find cultural diversity and a global perspective, enriching our academic community and contributing to a broader understanding of society.

      The department is led by the Head of Department Mikael Gilljam, who is a professor of political science. Each year, we educate approximately 850 students. If you are studying European Studies, you belong to the Centre for European Studies, which is a part of the Department of Political Science.

      Centre for European Studies

      Areas of research

      Most of the teachers you encounter during your education are also active researchers. The Department of Political Science conducts prominent research in the following areas:

      • Democracy and democratisation
      • European research
      • Gender and politics
      • International politics
      • Collective action 
      • Corruption and the Quality of Government
      • Environmental politics
      • Public policy and public administration
      • Party research
      • Political theory
      • Elections, public ppinion, and voting behaviour

      Our research

      Welcome to join our research seminars

      An essential part of the researchers' daily activities includes various research seminars where new research is presented and discussed. We host research seminars in most of the department's research areas. As a student at the Department of Political Science, you are welcome to attend seminars of your interest, subject to availability. Time and location are announced in the calendar on the department's website.

      Our website: The Department of Political Science


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