Master's Programme in Public Health Science

2 years
120 credits (ECTS)

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Here you will find useful information about your studies at the Master's Programme in Public Health Science.

Programme overview

Here you will find important documents, for example programme syllabus and programme overview.

Course overview

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Semester 1

Semester 2  

Semester 3

Semester 4

Forms and documents

Here you will find important forms and documents

Approved leave from or interruptions in studies

Digital application for approved leave from or interruptions in studies

Admission to a later part of the program

Resumption of studies

Review of grading decision

Credit transfer of studies

More information about credit transfer:  

General information about credit transfer

Study abroad - Exchanges

Exchange Studies 
It is possible to apply for and do exchange studies during the third semester in our international programs in public or global health. Interested students can apply for courses (or internship) abroad, free of choice, on a bachelor´s or master´s level at our selected partner universities. The courses should be in the field of/ or related to subject area global/public health. The credits obtained after successfully completed studies abroad are transferred upon request and included in the student’s degree. 

Application periods 
Application period 1: 10 December - 1 February  (deadline)(outbound autumn/spring) 

study abroad

Sahlgrenska Academy Faculty agreements
Below our current  faculty partners 2023-12-15 (Global Public Health Sciences).

Faculty agreements Global Public Health






Certificate of International merits 
Certificate of International merits (CIM) gives you who are studying an education at Sahlgrenska Academy the opportunity to collect international merits which can then be presented in a diploma.

Internship and degree project


The programme uniquely offers two different options for an internship. You will find more information and instructions for how to apply here.

Degree project

MPH241 Master’s thesis in public health science 30 hec

During the course, the student will have the opportunity to show their abilities to independently plan and carry out their degree project, as well as orally and in writing presents the research area within the field of public health science.The student must formulate a research question(s), choose the appropriate method(s), collect primary or secondary data,analyze data and present and discuss the results in relation to previous scientific research in the chosen research area.

  • More information about the course in Canvas

To be eligible for the course, you need to have completted:

  • MPH211 Public health science: foundations and applications,
  • MPH212 Health equality and the right to health,
  • MPH213 Qualitative methods in public health science,
  • MPH 221 Epidemiology and biostatistics
  • MPH222 Health economics: foundations, areas of application and methodology or
  • MPH 223 Social epidemiology:theories, methods and practical implications or equivalent.


Study counsellor

Emma Rönnquist
031-786 35 98
Phone hours: Monday - Thursday 13.00-14.00
Drop-in: Tuesday 14.00-16.00 via Zoom


Mahira Mukhtarova, course administrator
Usva Salvi, programme and course administrator

Programme director

Monica Hunsberger  
+46 31-786 68 46

Deputy director

Carl Bonander

Evelina Nyström
Evelina Nyström
International Coordinator  

Drop in Tuesdays 13:00-14:00 on Zoom