We educate doctors, nurses, dentists and a range of sought-after care professions. Examples of strong research areas are cancer, cardiovascular disease, women's and children's health, metabolism, neuropsychiatric diseases, person-centred care and dentistry.

Much of our research and education takes place on Campus Medicinareberget, which is shared with the health care services, primarily at the Sahlgrenska University Hospitals. In odontology, we have a corresponding collaboration with the Public Dental Service's in Västra Götaland.

The dean is Jenny Nyström, in physiology with a particular focus on molecular and functional studies of kidney function.

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Medicinaregatan 3
A drone image of Campus Medicinareberget with all the houses.
Drone image of Campus Medicinareberget, November 2023.
Photo: Filip Asphäll

Campus Medicinareberget

The Sahlgrenska Academy is located for the most part on Medicinareberget, which is close to the Sahlgrenska University Hospital area between Guldheden and Linnéstaden. Medicinareberget is also home to Public Dental Service's specialist clinics. Some training is outside the campus area, at Sahlgrenska University Hospital's three hospitals, Sahlgrenska, Östra and Mölndal.

The training in medicine, healthcare and dental care is mainly conducted in Medicinarelängan, at Hälsvetarbacken and at Odontologen. In all these buildings there are lecture halls, group rooms and computer rooms.

The faculty's clinical training centre, KTC is situated at Hälsvetarbacken. KTC consists of several patient rooms, an emergency room, operating room, X-ray room, speech and hearing lab, CPR room, conversation room, creative room, medicine room, lavatory, storage room and several small rooms where you, as a student at Sahlgrenska Academy, can practice practical handling, care of patient, conversation and team collaboration.

The public dental service's training clinic is located at the Odontologen. If you are training to become a dentist or dental hygienist, you will treat patients here during your training.

Student spaces

All buildings have lunchrooms where you can heat your food, eat or sit and study. In Medicinarelängan, there are also tables and benches outside in the corridor.

There are several cafes and lunch restaurants on Campus Medicinareberget, and in its vicinity. In the hospital area there is also a Pressbyrån and Dahls Bakery.

​In addition to lunchrooms, there are study spaces, rest rooms and quiet rooms for you as a student. The study spaces are scattered on Medicinareberget.

Map with marked study places and group rooms on Campus Medicinareberget.
Map of study places and group rooms on Campus Medicinareberget.

Here is a list of study spaces that you as a student may use when they are not booked for teaching.

Grupprum (pdf 0,1 mb)

In TimeEdit you can see if the study spaces are booked for teaching or if you can use them.

TimeEdit - Medicinaregatan 3-11

TimeEdit - Hälsovetarbacken

​In addition to lunchrooms, there are study spaces, rest rooms and quiet rooms for you as a student. The study spaces are scattered on Medicinareberget. Here is a list of study speces that do not need to be booked by you as a student and that can be used when they are not booked for teaching.

In Medicinarelängan there are also two quiet rooms. You will find them upstairs at Medicinaregatan 5A. The rooms are unlocked from 06:30 to 18:00. The rooms are open to everyone regardless of religion or belief, gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or age. The rooms must not have any religious symbols, but visitors are welcome to bring personal items such as books, yoga or prayer mats.

As a student at Campus Medicinareberget, you have access to the Biomedical Library and the Hälsvetarbacken library.

You can also use the Gothenburg University Library's resources.

Certificate of International Merits, CIM

Certificate of International Merits, CIM, will give you the opportunity to collect international merits that you can present in a diploma. Thorough your studies you can collect merits (abroad and at home) in a portfolio on Canvas. CIM gives you a possibility to show your international involvement to future employers. Read more about CIM here.

Akademiliv Student - newsletter for you as a student

Akademiliv Student is a digital newsletter that is sent out via e-mail to students at Sahlgrenska Academy with a student e-mail address. The content is mainly in Swedish.

In Akademiliv Student, you are informed about current events within and outside the academy. The newsletter is produced by the faculty's communications department and sent out approximately twice a month. Publication is suspended during June, July and August. The editor is Anette Nilsson and the responsible publisher is head of faculty office Annelie Tobin.

No. 8, 13 May 2024 (mainly in Swedish)

Sahlgrenska Academy's Student Union

The Sahlgrenska Academy's Student Union (SAKS) is the student union for everyone who studies at the Sahlgrenska Academy faculty. SAKS is run by students, for students. The Student Union exists to improve your study time by monitoring your education and arranging study social activities that you can take part in.

Buses and trams

At the stops Medicinaregatan and Sahlgrenska Huvudentré there are plenty of tram and bus lines that take you to all parts of Gothenburg. You can easily find which tram or bus line to take with the help of Västtrafik's travel planner.