Environment and sustainability

The University of Gothenburg is actively involved in environmental and sustainability efforts as part of its research, education, collaboration, and daily operations. As a student, you have numerous opportunities to engage in the University's sustainability initiatives.

Study environment

This page is about the University's work on environmental and sustainability matters. You can also read about what applies to your study environment.

Get involved during your study period

As a student, you have many opportunities to engage in the University's sustainability efforts.


You can report any issues that hinder the university's environmental goals from being achieved or cases where environmental laws, regulations, or policies are not being followed.

You can report or make suggestions through the IA system

Student Influence

Within the student unions at the University of Gothenburg, there is active work on sustainability where you, as a student, can contribute and get involved. Contact the respective union or student union association for more information. You can also become a student representative in one of the councils or bodies at the university that address sustainable development. These student representatives are appointed by the respective student union or student union association.

Student Sustainability Hub

At the Gothenburg Center for Sustainable Development (GMV), there is a Student Hub for Sustainability. The student hub gathers, coordinates, and supports student initiatives in sustainable development at both the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. Among other things, the hub creates interdisciplinary platforms and activities for students who want to exchange knowledge and learn more about sustainable development. The activities are carried out by, for, and with students from both institutions.

GMV's information about the Student Sustainability Hub

Sustainable development is a part of our vision

Sustainability is part of our vision and an integrated part of our research, education, collaboration, and daily operations. We strive to further develop and strengthen our sustainability efforts, increasing our relevance as a societal actor and partner, thus contributing to Agenda 2030 and the global goals for sustainable development, encompassing economic, social, and ecological dimensions.

We are  certified according to the international standard for environmental management system ISO 14001 and registered under the EU equivalent EMAS. We actively work to reduce the University’s climate impact.

Sustainability-labeled programmes

Every fifth course and nearly every fourth program offered at the University of Gothenburg is sustainability-labeled. Our sustainability labeling is based on criteria that reflect the multidimensional concept of sustainable development.

Further information about our efforts can be found on the Sustainable Development page on