Student unions and associations

Do you want to influence the education at the University or get involved in student life? There are several organisations at the University of Gothenburg where you can get involved.

Student unions at the University

A student union is a democratic, politically non-affiliated, non-religious, non-profit interest organisation for students at any university level. At the University of Gothenburg there are four student unions, in Swedish called studentkår.

Which student union that represents you depends on your education. The School of Business, Economics and Law, Sahlgrenska Academy and the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts have their own student unions. All other students at the University are represented by Göta studentkår.

Get involved in your student union

Membership of a student union is voluntary. As a member, you can participate and get involved, the possibilities for involvement are different in different student unions.

Become a member of your student union:

The student union represents the students

The student union's daily work is all about making your time at the University as good as possible. They look out for you and your interests, both regarding your education and the social aspects of your student life. Your student union works with everything from student influence and work environment issues to arranging various events for students.

Perhaps the most important task is to make sure that your (and other students') voices are heard by the university. Swedish law stipulates that students shall have the right to participate in preparing and making decisions that affect the education, and that it is the student unions that administer that right. 

Some examples of what a student union does:

  • Appoints student representatives in the University's various bodies, boards, committees and councils who are responsible for specific issues. Learn more about student influence and being a student representative.
  • Appoints student work environment representatives who monitor the work environment for students on campus.
  • Works together with the university and contributes with the student perspective before various decisions.
  • Arranges welcome activities, sit-ins and other types of study social activities.
  • Some student unions have international committees that focus on welcoming international students and helping them adapt to life in Sweden and Gothenburg.

Student buddies

Some student associations or committees have buddy programmes with student buddies for international students. Student buddies are students who work on a voluntary basis to welcome international students to the University. They organise many social activities, especially at the start of the semester, but also throughout the year.

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Associations for cooperation

The student unions at the University of Gothenburg are also members of a number of collaborative organisations: