Discrimination, harassment and victimisation

The University of Gothenburg should be a place free from discrimination, harassment, and victimisation. If you have been subjected to this, or have information about someone who might be subjected to this, we want you to report it.

A safe university

The University of Gothenburg is responsible for your study environment. We want you to feel safe and welcome when you are in our study environments and when you meet other students and staff at the University.

The University must work actively to prevent and counteract all forms of discrimination and victimisation. We also have special requirements to immediately investigate and take action to stop it if anyone has experienced or is experiencing harassment, sexual harassment, or victimisation in connection with university activities.

Everyone at the University, both staff and students, also has a responsibility to treat each other with respect and contribute to a safe and sustainable study environment.


If you or someone else is subjected

If you feel subjected to, or have information that discrimination, harassment, or victimisation may occur towards another person, we want you to tell us about it. There is also support available if you need counseling or assistance in managing your well-being.

The University has an obligation to investigate

As soon as an employee at the University (except for student counsellors who have a duty of professional secrecy) hears that a student or colleague feels they have been subjected to harassment, sexual harassment, or victimisation, we must act on that information. We have a duty to examine what has happened.

There is a procedure for handling harassment, sexual harassment, and victimisation: