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How to take an exam in the examination hall

Are you about to take an exam in the exam hall? On this page you will find information on what you need to know before the exam day, how you prepare for an e-exam in the DISA system in the exam hall and what happens on the exam day.

General information on taking an exam in the exam hall

This information applies to all exams that are conducted in the exam hall, regardless of whether it is an e-examination in DISA or paper based.

Please note that social distancing is required, this applies to both fellow students and personnel. If you have any symptoms, you must stay at home.

  • Safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

    Routines and procedures are in place in the exam hall to prevent the spread of infection.

    • The exam halls at Viktoriagatan 30 and Karl Gustavsgatan 29 are divided into three sections with separate entrances. The larger hall (sections 1 and 2) has its entrance from Viktoriagatan 30 but has separate entrances into the exam hall itself. The smaller hall (section 3) has its entrance at Karl Gustavsgatan 29. The two exam halls (sections 6 and 7) at Reutersgatan 2c has separate entrances from the entrance hall to the exam hall itself. Students taking an adjusted exam will use the same entrance as all others taking the exam.
    • ID checks are carried out at each respective section entrance, by an invigilator from behind plexiglass. At this point the student will also receive their seat number. When in need of assistance, the student will bring their computer to the loan desk, which will also have plexiglass.
    • The main entrance and the entrances to the exam hall are opened at the same time, 45 minutes before the start of exam.
    • The distance between seats is a bit over 1 metre.
    • The premises are cleaned and aired out daily.
  • Rules for written examinations at the University of Gothenburg

    As a student, you are responsible for complying with the rules that apply for written examinations at the University of Gothenburg.

    Rules for written examinations

  • Be on time to the exam hall

    The examination hall opens 45 minutes before the stipulated start time. Because ID checks are carried out at the entrance to the exam hall, it is important that you are on time.

    • If you are taking a DISA exam, you should arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the exam.
    • If you are taking a paper exam, you should arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the exam.

    The examination hall closes after the stipulated start time. If you arrive at the examination hall after this time you have forfeited your right to attend the examination session.

  • You need to provide a valid ID

    You must be able to prove your identity by producing a valid photo ID (such as a passport or driving licence). The invigilator must be able to see your face for positive identification.

    Please note that the GU Card and the Residence permit card from the Swedish Migration Agency are not valid forms of identification at an examination.

  • Procedures in the examination hall

    It is important that it is quiet and calm in the examination hall so that all students can complete their examinations undisturbed. Here are the rules for order in the examination hall:

    • You should follow the written instructions and the instructions given by the invigilator regarding placement in the examination hall so that the risk of collusion can be minimized.
    • Seats are reserved for students who have registered in advance.
    • You are to leave personal belongings such as bags, coats, mobile phones and other digital devices in the designated place in the examination hall. Technical equipment, which will not be used during the examination, should be turned off and stored in the designated area.
    • It is prohibited to speak with any other student during the examination. This also applies when you leave for the toilet.
    • Calm and serenity should prevail in order to create as favourable conditions as possible for a good result on the exam.
    • Nuts and peanuts are prohibited in the examination hall as they can cause serious allergic reactions. You must avoid taking other food into the examination hall that may cause serious allergic reactions, for example citrus fruit. Invigilators can request that such food is immediately removed from the examination hall when they have been made aware of a student’s hypersensitivity.
    • If you are misbehaving, you will be dismissed from the examination hall and has thus forfeited your right to take the exam. Disruptive behavior may lead to disciplinary action according to the University's Handläggningsordning för anmälan avseende misstanke om disciplinära förseelser.

    In addition to these rules, we kindly ask you to avoid perfume and strong scents when taking an exam in the exam hall. The reason for this is that there might be fellow students or personnel who are hypersensitive.

  • If you choose to discontinue your exam

    For university-wide examination halls, you can leave the examination hall after 45 minutes.

    If you have an acute need to leave the examination hall, you need to alert the invigilator from your seat and leave your seat after you have received instructions about how this should be done, in order to uphold procedures in the examination hall.

Preparations before an e-examination in the examination hall

Your computer needs to meet the technical requirements

Ensure that your PC or Mac has a supported version of the operating system and that your web browser is supported.

System requirements: SEB minimum requirements (external page)

Unfortunately you are not able to use your Chromebook for e-exams in the DISA system in the exam halls. If you have a Chromebook, you are welcome to book a loan computer to take your DISA exam in the exam halls – read more under Do you need to borrow a computer?

Make sure that your computer connects to eduroam

Ensure that your computer can connect to the wireless network eduroam. If you are unable to connect, you may have to update the certificate. Instructions are available on the page Wifi: eduroam.

Download and install a lockdown browser

The lockdown browser starts when you open the exam and it puts your computer in a kiosk mode and all you can do on your computer is to write your exam. Once you submit the exam and exit the lockdown browser, your computer will have full functionality again.

Download and install Safe Exam Browser (SEB). Please note you will not need to configure SEB – this is done automatically once you open the exam on the exam day.

You need to have downloaded an approved version of SEB for your operating system. 

  • For Windows you need SEB 3.1.1
  • For Mac you need SEB 2.3.2

You can download SEB via the link below. Make sure to download the correct version for your computer.

System requirements: Downloadable versions of SEB (external page)

Do you need to borrow a computer?

If you lack a compatible computer you can book a computer to borrow. A booking is confirmed directly on screen. No automated emails to confirm or remind are sent. The University cannot book a computer on your behalf.

You can log in to TimeEdit to see your upcoming bookings and you can cancel your booking if you are no longer in need of a loan computer. Remember to read the instructions for booking on the TimeEdit page.

Book computer via TimeEdit

The booking must be done no later than five working days prior to the digital exam. No late bookings are accepted. If you have booked a computer to borrow, you will collect it at the computer support desk in the exam hall.

A lockdown browser is installed on the computer

Safe Exam Browser is installed on the University of Gothenburg's computers. You will need the credentials for your student account to connect to eduroam and to logon to the DISA system. Please make sure that you either know your credentials or bring them to the exam hall.

Checklist on the exam day

These instructions are also available in the exam hall.

Start by connecting to the wireless network eduroam. Then follow these steps:

  • Close all active programs such as Spotify
  • Open a web browser and go to gu.inspera.no (log in to DISA)
  • To change to English, click "…eller som registrerad användare" and select language
  • Click GU-konto
  • Log on to the Student Portal
  • Click Click here to get ready
  • Click Start test in Safe Exam Browser
  • Allow the link to be opened in SEB (layout differs depending on computer)
  • In Enter password, type the code announced a few minutes before the exam starts. The code consists of two letters in lower case and four digit
  • Click OK
  • Click Open test when the button is activated

Your text is auto saved every 15 seconds. If your computer was to malfunction during the exam there are spare computers on which the exam will be made available for you to continue. You do not need to book a computer to borrow “just in case”.

When you are ready to submit, please bring your computer and ID-card to the invigilator’s desk. The invigilator again verifies your identity and you may submit. Please make sure you exit the lockdown browser after submission.

Access the result

When the exam is marked and graded, you find the grade in Ladok. In DISA you access the exam with questions and your answers, marks per question and also any feedback provided by the graders.

How to find the exam in DISA

Log on to DISA and click on Archive: Login to DISA (external page). You can log in using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • View without downloading – you access your digital exam, as it was when you submitted it. At the final page, you find total score and points per question.
  • Download as PDF –the file includes the questions, your answers and points per question.
  • Feedback – when teachers have commented your answers, you find the comments here. You can download the comments as PDF file.

When you have downloaded your exam as PDF file and reviewed the feedback, you can remove the submission from DISA by clicking Remove submission. Please note that this is irreversible and the submission cannot be recovered.

Do you have questions?

Please contact your department for questions regarding written examinations.

About e-examinations

An e-examination, or a DISA exam, is an exam written and graded in a web-based system. At the University of Gothenburg, the system goes by the name DISA.

Demo exam in DISA

If you want to see what it is like to carry out a DISA exam.

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