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New student? Welcome!

Welcome to the University of Gothenburg! Starting university is an adventure and there is a lot of information to take in. On this page you will find information to help you get started with your studies.

Note that there may be things specific to your department that you must also arrange at the start of the semester. You can always ask Servicecenter, your department or the staff at Welcome Services if you have any questions!

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New in Sweden?

For many, studying at the University of Gothenburg not only means starting a new education - it also means moving to a new country.

We have gathered som information about life in Sweden

  • Studies both on campus and online

    From the start of the autumn term, an adapted gradual return to campus will take place. Not everyone will be able to come back at the same time, but the goal is to offer some campus-based teaching in all courses during the autumn semester 2021.

    For those international students who are unable to travel to Sweden due to travel restrictions in their home countries, if possible, remote studies will be provided.

    You will recieve information from you department or faculty about what applies to you.

    Information form faculties and departments about COVID19

    Find your department or faculty: My studies

  • Prevent the spread of infection

    The Public Health Agency of Sweden encourages everyone experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness, however mild, to refrain from social contact, which might spread the disease. So be vigilant about symptoms, even mild ones. Stay home if you are experiencing symptoms of disease. 

    The Public Health Agency of Sweden has new general advice to reduce the spread of COVID-19, see Håll avstånd och ta personligt ansvar (“Keep your distance and exercise personal responsibility”; at the time of publishing, only available in Swedish). The advice to employers is that they, if possible, should ensure that all staff keep a distance from each other, can wash their hands regularly, work from home, avoid unnecessary travel, and can adjust their working hours to avoid rush hour traffic.

    To prevent the spread of infection:

    • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before eating, handling food, and after restroom visits. If you are not able to wash your hands, hand disinfection may be an option.
    • Avoid touching your face if you have unwashed hands.
    • Cover your nose and mouth with flexed elbow, or a paper handkerchief, when coughing or sneezing.
    • Keep a certain distance from people who are sneezing or coughing.
    • Stay home if you feel ill.

Digital services for students - a quick introduction

Course syllabus, reading list and schedule

No later than eight weeks before each course, information on course literature must be provided. Before new courses, many course managers send out e-mails with information about where to find the course's reading list, but you can also search for information on the web. Most departments publish reading lists together with the course syllabus in a searchable database.

At least two weeks before the start of the course, a course syllabus and schedule, including times for examination and compulsory parts, must be provided.

You can find information specific for your department and faculty in the section "My studies" here in the Student Portal.

Access your Student Account

With your student account you can log on to the Student Portal and access all digital services such as the learning management systems Canvas and the study documentation system Ladok. 

If you have a permanent Swedish personal identity number and login information to universityadmissions.se, eduID or Freja eID Plus, you can activate your student account online.

Student accounts for international students

If you do not have a permanent Swedish personal identity number, or if you do but don't have login to universityadmissions.se, eduID or Freja eID Plus, you have to get support to access your student account details. Servicecenter can help you with your account details.

Update your contact information and check your spam folder

To avoid missing important information from the University, you need to make sure that we have an up-to-date e-mail address.

Ladok is the system you will use to register on courses and to find your study results. It is important that your contact information in Ladok is correct. To check and update your contact information, log on to Ladok and click on “My pages”.

Note! Check the spam folder in your e-mail so that you don't miss any important mailing from your department.

Register for course or programme

Being admitted to a course or programme is not the same as being registered. You need to register for a course or programme in order to attend any course, get your GU card and have access to the university’s web services.

Contact your department if you have not received any information about when and how to register. The registration process for international students differs between different departments. At some departments you can register online by yourself via the study documentation system Ladok. If you are unsure about how to register contact your department.

Make sure to bring a proof of identity with you if you are going to register manually at your department!

Log in to your student e-mail

All students at the University of Gothenburg gets a personal e-mail account when activating their student account. The e-mail is provided via Google and also gives you access to a calendar, storage space and online document editing.

If you do not want to use your student e-mail, it is important that you log on to the e-mail account so you can turn on an automatic forwarding to another e-mail address that you use, to make sure that you won’t miss important information from the University.

Log in to the learning management system Canvas and download the app

The University of Gothenburg uses the web-based learning management system Canvas.

You must be registered on a course to gain full access to Canvas, but you can log on as soon as you have activated your student account.

We recommend you to download the Canvas app.

Install Zoom and test your device

The University of Gothenburg uses the video meeting service Zoom to meet digitally. Zoom can be used both for activities organised by teachers and collaborations between students.

You can download Zoom to your computer, tablet or phone and you log in with your student account. It is possible to start Zoom meetings both through the Zoom software and via the Canvas learning managament system.

Make sure you have the technical equipment needed to use Zoom. When you install the programme, you can test the audio and video on your device.

Order your GU card only if you need it

The GU card functions as an access card, a library card and for printing and copying. As a distance student, you do not usually need to get a GU card.

You can order and pick up your GU card at any time during your time as a student as long as you have an active student account. It takes 2-4 working days from ordering until your card is ready to pick up.

Due to Covid-19 we ask that you wait to pick up your GU card until you:

  • need access to locked buildings
  • need to borrow physical books in the University Library
  • need access to certain libraries only open to those with GU card

You get access to your faculty when you have an active course registration. Find information about the availability at your faculty via the link below.

You can access the printing service and digital library resources via your student account.

Please note that the GU card does not provide student discounts, for that you need a Mecenat card.

Apply for a personal identity number or contact the Swedish Tax Agency

Students studying for more than 365 days

Students who are planning to study in Sweden for one year or more must be registered in the Swedish population register. Once registered, you will be issued a personal identity number ("personnummer").

This number will simplify a whole range of transactions in the Swedish society, such as acquiring an identity card, opening a bank account or visiting a doctor. You can hand in your application for a personal identity number at the Tax Agency's office located at Östra Hamngatan 16.

Skatteverket (Swedish Tax Agency website)

Important: Once you receive your personal identity number, contact servicecenter to replace the temporary identification number in the University's system. This will help you avoid future administrative problems.

Students studying in Sweden less than a year

It is the length of the study period rather than the time you live in Sweden that decides if you shall be registered and socially insured in Sweden or not. If the length of your studies are 366 days or more you can apply at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) to become registered.

Welcome programme and student life

The University of Gothenburg wants to welcome all new students. Welcome Services usually hosts several welcome activities for new international students. This semester will be different, but we are happy to be able to host a Welcome Day online.

Welcome Day Online: Tuesday 19 January

Information about the autumn semester 2021 coming soon.

The University of Gothenburg formally welcomes you to the University and the start of the semester. We are planning for an online Welcome Day on 19 January, to be live streamed at 5:00 PM CET. If you are studying remotely in a time zone that makes it difficult to attend live, the stream will be recorded. 

The programme will include information regarding the Student Portal, student healthcare, grades system, library services and more. Current students will also take part and talk about their experiences, you will also be able to ask questions in the chat function.

Welcome activities hosted by student unions

There are four students unions at the University of Gothenburg. Which union you belong to depends on what you are going to study. The student unions have several different associations, pubs and activities. Check out the student unions websites for more information!

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